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Lovely Dango

Lovely Dango

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Today’s post is back to the lovely pink aesthetic. I’m bubbling with delight. Even though it is Halloween I figure it is still perfectly okay to roll around in lots of pink things. There are even still little touches of Halloween all around. I really liked these shelves by Half Deer and I liked even more that they came with colour changes for the wings.

This scene is made up with the cutest items from three different events all running in the month of October. The seasons story is having a birthday and last round celebration along with discount items.

The other two events are Okinawa, Panic of the Pumpkin and Collabor88. Collabor88 is set to dazzle with a suitably enticing theme for Halloween. It’s magnificent. I loved everything on display and Okinawa has pulled it out the bag again this October. I went and had a tiny peek and it looked really good. The atmosphere was very Halloween. All dark and fascinating with windy streets. Loved it. Since I was unable to choose which to show you first I decided to pick items from all the different events.

So without further ado, I’m going to leave you with the credits. We’ll talk later because it’s going to be an epic list. Maybe I’ll bump into you because it is Fifty Linden Friday today and I do love FLF. Don’t forget to stop by What Next, they have cake and halloween themed, frothy topped, hot drinks. Guess what Bears love…



Items from Collabor88

Shelves with wings: [Half Deer] +Half-Deer+ Coffin Shelf – Pink – B 1li

Hair: [D!va] Mary Hair

Gold Flower: [Black Bantam] The Rose Gold


Items from Okinawa

Eyes: [S0ng] Taku Eyes (Pastel) – Catwa Applier RARE (6 eyes total, using number 1)

Pose: [Waffley] Gothic Look Pose 6 (interacting with the hold pose for the dango)

Dango: [Chu Chu] Dango Love gacha – Dango White Kitty Hold 1

Dango on plates: [Chu Chu] Dango Kitten Love plate Rare 1 (used here as deco but also come with a hold animation.) 3li each


(see below for more poses available in the Gothic Look pose pack – Picture links to flickr and is the display image done by the creator.)

{Waffley} Gothic Look Pose.


Items from The Seasons Story

Outfit: [On-Line] School Look / RARE 02

Beret: [On-Line] School Look / Beret Baby Pink

Lipgloss (with teeth): [Heart Wifi] Nizz Skin Gacha – Tone 1 RARE – Blush & lips section – Middle colour. (using the lipgloss in this image, it gave this adorably cute juicy lips look that I couldn’t resist)

Eyeliner: [S0ng] Bonita Eyeliner Set 1 (genus)

Airpods (necklace/lanyard): [Nini Planet] Dear My Airpods RARE & Dear My KeyRing RARE

Blush: [Dazed] Holy Blushes Set (genus)

Ears: [Evermore] Nekomimi – animated ears S – RED HUD


Items available at Lagom mainstore (these are all gacha items)*

These are all gacha’s from my Lagom Collection I have played for and are very cute for decorating. I’m a clutter horder of the virtual kind.

On shelf…(left) 2nd from top: [Lagom] 14. LAGOM&MILO – Flowerpower [Makeup] 1li

Telephone: [Lagom] 14. Lagom – Cat Crazy [Phone white] 1li

Case (that phone is resting on): [Lagom] 05. LAGOM – Kawaii Livingroom – [Makeupbox] 1li

Flowers & letters on ground: [Lagom] LAGOM – Spring Rose – [Letters]#05 2li

Rug: [Lagom] 03. Lagom – Moon-Child [ Rug ] 1li

Glass door cupboard behind: [Lagom] 09. LAGOM – The Playground [Cabinet Light] 5li

Cup of tea and papers: [Lagom] 04. Lagom – Saltwater Dreams [ Tea ] 1li

Curtain: [Lagom] 12. Lagom – Moon-Child [ Curtain Floral ] 10li


Items from Mish Mish mainstore

Kitty with list: [MishMish] Kitties go to market – I haz a shopping list 1li

Books on shelf…(center) 1st top: [MishMish]  Lil Spirits – Assorted Books 1li


Items from Kotte Mainstore

Porcelain catus plant pot: [kotte] my moss – 9 RARE 1li *gacha item

Shelf…(right)…top: [kotte] my moss – 4 1li *gacha item

Shelf…(right)…2nd: [kotte] xin nian – pink envelope pile (rez) 1li

Shelf…(right)…3rd: [kotte] my moss – 1 1li


*all above items except the section marked with an asterik has been provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.



Supporting Cast

Bag in glass cupboard: [dust bunny] overnight bag 4li

Basket of treats in cupboard (obscured by head & for the curious): [dust bunny] season of giving . peppermint treats 2li

products clutter on Shelf (beneath the dango plate): [-tres blah-] Jolie – Hair Products 1li

Glasses: [Mudskin] Ikemen Glasses #2

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