It’s not always a bad thing to loiter, Bear’s doing it and she’s looking rather cute doing so. Hi everybody, it’s Thursday! Normally I would have gone crazy that it is finally the weekend and I get to go crazy again doing all the things. However, I’m working this Friday, nooooo.

I might just be complaining only because it has already felt like a very long week for me and I was really, really, looking forward to the end of my week today. I’ve had very long days and I’m usually still working at 8pm having started at about 7am.

Let’s just say, I am entirely over this week. Finding out at the last minute is understandably disappointing but hey it’s only one more day. I can do this! So I’m going to cheer myself up by baking a cake tommorow. I need people to give cakes away to. Would you offer to eat them for me while I make them? No application forms needed. Just raise your hand and the little bear kin will hand them out.

Today’s oufit is really cool because the jacket it’s wonderful. It looks really good from the front right? I like the hands in the pocket pose and I love the fact that there is a cute, adorable kitten in the hoodie behind. I bet you didn’t think that when you first saw it, then bam, surprise. I was so torn as to which side to take a picture of. I liked the front…I liked the back. Dilema.

I decided to allow the shots to decide which I would edit to the end. So I took a few shots in different angles and went with the one I liked most. That’s the main image but I still did want to show the back so you get an inworld shot of the kitty behind, it will make you go awwww. Precious isn’t it?! You wen’t ‘aww‘ didn’t you, don’t deny it. I saw you. The ears have changed! because here are a new pair of ears by Cheezu and no lie, I love Cheezu ears, they are so good. They fit so good and…even better…they actually have a skin tone that matches my avatar. Better still it also comes with tinting. It would be almost way too hard to not be able to match it to your avatar with that range. If you’re worried about buying mesh hears then you’re on the right direction with Cheezu’s. Yes, I blog for Cheezu and yet still, not one word of a lie about how I love them. I haven’t had a miss yet.

The cute top inside is by Le Fil Casse and isn’t it just the cutest little lace top. I love the ribbon tie at the top. I love even more that it fits under the hoodie jacket. Though, you might have to search for awhile to find a top that doesn’t fit under it as long as it has short sleeves and a vest. There’s a good amount of workable space which is another reason I really like it. Cute cat aside. The cat though does sell it utterly and completely.

The hair is by Miwas, I like the twin buns at the top, I want to try that hair style on my hair now, well minus the fringe, I don’t think I have the kind of hair that would respond well to a fringe. It’s too fly away and delicate so it floats. I would kill for those pink streaks. There are other colours too but of course I picked pink. The fit check from behind has the cutest butt and I have no doubt that is just from the shorts I’m sure of it. Some clothes are just formed really nicely aren’t they?!


♡ Hair: [Miwas] Iris {@Equal10}

♡ Ear: [Cheezu] Luna mesh ears {@Anthem}

♡ Hoodie: [Kotte] Hoodie (Maitreya, Gianni, Jake) {@Kustom9}

♡ Top: [Le Fil Casse] Serenity Top (Maitreya, Legacy, M.Petite, L.Perky, Freya) {@Kustom9}

♡ Shorts: [Osmia] Maya High Shorts (Maitreya, Freya, HG, Legacy) {@Mainstore}



*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*Mesh body used is the Maitreya Perky combined with Lelutka Lily mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Backdrop: [Foxcity] Pretty in Pastels – Common 4 35li


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