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Little Kitties

Little Kitties

Today’s post is terribly late in the day but I wanted to get it up anyway because I will be off to study and won’t be able to post tomorrow. It’s a jam packed day for me tomorrow. I’ll be having to go take my theory test. I’m nervous about it but pass or fail it will be a good experience for me. I’m going to try not to be too hard on myself if I don’t pass. I definitely will the second time round.

At the same time I really want to pass it the first time round because that would be amazing. However there has been a lot of information for me to ingest in the space of a few weeks. Especially while having to juggle a new job and all the learning that comes with it.

Instead of worrying too much about it all right now please enjoy today’s image and I hope you like it. The adorable kittens are from The Crystal Heart Festival and by Kotte. They are the darling black cats of the set and they are so adorable.

The cute lingerie is by Ghoul and also one of the lovely lingerie sets still waiting for your last minute shopping spree at Frou Frou before the doors close in a few days. If you don’t get your shop in soon you’ll have to wait months for more lingerie.

And that’s just sad to contemplate.

I’ve used an applier lingerie from Milk Tea to hide my avatar’s naughties from prying eyes.The beautifully made cabinet with the books and the tray in front are by Madras adding that touch of class to the scene. I really like the glass on the cabinet. It looks so amazing.


molly and kitty close

“even kitty approves of this garter”





Lingerie top: [Ghoul] Hime Stays @FrouFrou

Lingerie skirt: [Ghoul] Hime Skirt @FrouFrou

(available for the following mesh bodies; Maitreya, Legacy)


Garter: [Pure Poison] Layla Leg Harness @Fameshed

(available for the following mesh bodies; Hourglass, Freya, Isis, Maitreya)


Cabinet: [Madras] Vintage Slide Door Table Linked 6li @Mainstore

Tray with items in foreground; [Madras] Wrought Plate Decor Set 4li @Mainstore

Items on the tray single (used in single versions on top of the cabinet…)

Gold flower in Vase: [Madras] Gold Flower Decor 2li @Mainstore



Kitty on the chair: [Kotte]  cat catsplay – ichigo 1li @The Crystal Heart Festival

Kitty on the bed: [Kotte] cat catsplay – moon 1li @The Crystal Heart Festival


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes

**Mesh body used in today’s post is the Maitreya Lara


Supporting Cast

Lingerie applier: [Milk Tea] Snow – Pink/White

Hair: [DP yumyum] *89(pink) (rigged)

Bed: [Dust Bunny] sweet dreams . wingback bed . pg 23li

Divider: [Floorplan] french door divider / wood 7li

Plant next to divider: [Dust Bunny] sweet dreams . fiddle leaf tree 2li

Wall pictures with roses: [Dust Bunny] sweet dreams . wall art 6li

Chair: [Dust Bunny] velvet shell back chair . pink 4li

Build: [apple fall] Hetton Barn Conversion 76li


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