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Let’s pretend…

Lets pretend

We’re at the beach.

Since we can’t really go out still and I’m missing Bournemouth fiercely. I’m going to pretend I’m by the sea. That involves pulling in everything sea related into the room including the wooden floor slats. I just need to lay back, hold the sea shell to my ear and listen to the call of the sea. There’s even a spattering of sand along the floor. For authenticity reasons, naturally.

indoor beach cropped 2indoor beach cropped 1


Build: [MudHoney] Classic Photo Room 3 (c) 36li {@The Arcade}

Fennec: [SEmotion] Libellune Fluffy Fennec Mate #22 *animesh companion {@The Arcade}

Coat stand oars: [Contrast] Franklin Coat Rack 2li {@The Arcade}

Life preserver (on wall): [Contrast] Franklin Life Ring 1li {@The Arcade}

Ceiling light: [Contrast] Franklin II 2li {@The Arcade}

Pillow stack: [Contrast] Franklin Pillows 2li {@The Arcade}

Ships wheel: [Contrast] Franklin Ship Wheel 1li  {@The Arcade}

Seat/lounger: [Contrast] Franklin Summer Lounger White 4li {@The Arcade}


Beanbag seat: [Trompe Loeil] Trompe Loeil – Mondo Beanbag Chair Diamond 4i {@The Arcade}

Side table: [Thor] Folding Sidetable {@The Arcade}

Cooler: [Thor] Retro Cooler Turquoise {@The Arcade}

Ship: [Thor] Toy Boat 1li {@The Arcade}

Seashell: [Thor] Shell 1 1li {@The Arcade}

Sea Star shell (on lounger): [Thor] Seastar 1li {@The Arcade}

Wooden planks on ground: [Thor] Stright Path 3 1li  {@The Arcade}

Retro Radio: [Thor] Retro Radio Saffron 2li {@The Arcade}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Room divider: [floorplan] french door divider / wood 7li

Room plant divider: [Dust Bunny] ivy room divider 11li

Plant (on ground by bean chair): [Dust Bunny] hoya plant 2li

Plant in foreground (near bean chair): {vespertine}- oversized maranta plant. 1li

Plant (on ground near cooler): {vespertine}- peace lily plant /texture change pot. 2li

Curtain: [Apple Fall] Milton Curtains *resized

Pancakes & syrup tray: [West Village] Pancake Breakfast Board 1li

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