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Lets hide in the corner

Let's hide in the corner

As a cat owner, I’m sure you know as well as I do that corners are for hiding in and exploring. No matter the breed it will head for the corners and the underneath of things, everywhere improbable for you to follow or reach them in. This makes extricating them a lot of work and usually not worth the time. Thankfully my cat responds to the no nonsense tone of my voice when I’ve had enough.

However, it isn’t only cats that like corners and squirreling into small comfortable places. I am guilty of it too and I’m sure a lot of other people are too…including you. Nothing beats a pillow fort or even just burrowing under the duvet ad curling up safe away from the cold. I like the corner of my bedroom where I insist on making a comfort nook. It has my big fluffy plushie that’s half my size. It has some of my manga books, it has a blanket and pillows too. It’s not complete without pillows, everyone knows that. I’ve always wanted a corner tent to finish it all off but I’ve never found a cute princess-y pink enough one for my exacting tastes.

I think my love for corners also shows itself in my decor shots. Have you noticed a lot of them are in corners yet? I usually have to try hard to pull my self away from instinctively wanting to decorate myself into a corner of the room. I hope you enjoy today’s scene as it was one of the ones I had to do twice. It’s first incarnation was not something I was happy with, I believe it wasn’t the right corner of the room.

Yes, there are right corners and wrong corners. What corner of your room are you drawn to the most? because if you think about it, there is definitely one. Try it yourself. In-world or out.


♡ – Mirror: [Fancy Decor] Caron Mirror 1li @Collabor88

♡ – Cabinet: [Fancy Decor] Caron Buffet 5li @Collabor88

♡ – Table Lamp: [Minimal] Comfy Ceramic Lamp 1li @Collabor88

♡ – Macaron Tins: [Disorderly] Macaron Tea / Tea Tins 1li @Collabor88

♡ – Macaron Stand: [Disorderly] Macaron Tea / Stand 1li @Collabor88

♡ – Teapot full of Macarons: [Disorderly] Macaron Tea / Teapot 1li @Collabor88

♡ – Spilled cup of Macarons: [Disorderly] Macaron Tea / Cup 1li @Collabor88

♡ – Mug of Cocoa: [ChicChica] Cocoa dispenser 3li @Collabor88

♡ – Glass of Macarons: [ChicChica] Macaroon dispenser  1li @Collabor88

♡ – Table: [Disorderly] Macaron Tea / Table w/Cloth 2li @Collabor88

♡ – Open book on chaise: [Fancy Decor] Caron Open Book 1li @Collabor88

♡ – Pitcher and bowl: [Fancy Decor] Caron Pitcher and Bowl 1li @Collabor88

♡ – Chaise: [Second Spaces] Autumn Comfort – lounger 5li @Collabor88

♡ – Magazine box: [Fancy Decor] Russell Magazine Basket A 1li

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purpose.


Supporting Cast

♡ – Peony flower: [Dust Bunny] tabletop plants . pink peony . silver 1li

♡ – Owl Planter: [Dust Bunny] quirky planters 2 . owl planter 1li

♡ – Indoor plant by table: [Dust Bunny] . elephant ear plant 3li

♡ – Hanging vines: [Dust Bunny] hanging plants . ivy planter 3li each

♡ – Canopy: [Moss & Mink] Millie Canopy 4li

♡ – Wardrobe; [Dust Bunny] olivia armoire . grey 6li

♡ – Hanging cloth: [Dust Bunny] lauren bathroom . hanging towel 2li

♡ – Cat: [Rezz Room] Grouchy Cat Sniffing 1li

♡ – Build used: [Onsu] “Bridgewater” House ~ Washed ~ Smaller Tex Ver  116li

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