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Let’s grab some snacks

Since Cubby was so kind last post and set up such a lovely picnic area, Bears decided to treat the little darling. Thus ensued a quick trip down to the corner shop with Cubby and Satomi in tow. Snacks all acquired it’s time to head back for playing some games and eating lots of snacks. More food you ask? why yes…yes indeed.

Collabor88 is open again with a new round and today’s items being featured are from the new round. It’s not just Bear and Cubby going out today, apparently you are too! this is a good thing. The only difference being, you’re heading to Collabor88. I had a quick look and the offerings this round are top teir as usual. I’m going to go broke before the weekend sales again. I’m calling it now. Roll on Friday while I still have a few Lindens to my name. Scroll down for the credits they are coming at a more sedate speed this time. You won’t miss it.



Bear is wearing…

Hair: [Tram] K0630 hair {@Collabor88}
Necklace: [.random.Matter.] Obara Choker {@Collabor88}
Dress: [Belle Epoque] Naomi – Blue (Legacy, L.Perky, Maitreya, M.Petite) {@Collabor88}
Bear: [MishMish] Teddy Bear – Hold me / Latte {@Mainstore}

Satomi is wearing…

Top: [Tres Blah] Alix Wrap Top – Blossom* (Maitreya, M.Petite, Hourglass,Freya, Legacy, L.Perky) {@Collabor88}
Necklace: [.random.Matter.] Obara Choker (HUD included) {@Collabor88}

Build items…

♡ Building: [Ionic] Tokyo Life RARE 123Li {@Mainstore}

Supporting Cast

Heart hair flick: [Rosier] Ahoge 05
Satomi’s Hair: [Doux] Lulu Hairstyle [S]
Satomi’s pants: [Dami] Back To Basic *C1 (maitreya)
Bear/Parfait’s pose: [Foxcity] Breather V2-4 static
Satomi’s pose: [Foxcity] Fixated -1
Plastic bag held: [Taikou] plastic bag (drinks)
Sign: [Taikou] no bicycles signboard stand 1Li

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