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Less Green

Less Green

Less Green, I hear you say? No. You can’t ever get too much of a good thing. I feel like I’m living in a magical and enchanted forest. The greens are so rich and pretty in this set by Kraftwork. The skybox has these lovely crawling ivy down the wall that is entirely my love. I adore adding creeping vines, in fact if it wouldn’t be overdoing it then I would add them to everything, you guys! Yet in this box, it’s already there, wow. Sold.

I love the fact that all the light for the house comes through the skylight on the sides of the build which is why I played with the shadows. I know, I know, I love shadows anyway but can you just imagine it on a sunny day? oh, better still in a storm with the occasional light flashes. Wouldn’t that be magical?! I also love the fact that there is just a whole wall of book nooks, the amount of things I could put in there, if I had one I would put a moving ladder so I could climb and push along the shelves for whatever I want. I could pretend I have a world class library and my name is Belle.

Here’s a zoom in on the table…


The Tate Set gacha by Atelier Burgundy and KraftWork available @Kustom9

Skybox: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . Studio Skybox RARE 26Li

Dark forest wall print (on wall near vines): [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . Full Wall Forest Art 1 Li

Large square canvas: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . Abstract Darkness 2Li

Lace and text pattern: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . All You Need Is Less 1Li

Small canvas: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . Framed Tapestry Back 1Li

Small lace canvas why window panes: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . Framed Tapestry 1Li

Standing light: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . Industrial Lamp 4Li

Sofa: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . Velvet Sofa ADULT RARE 10Li (texture change)

Center table: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . Marble Coffee Table 1Li

Table under center table: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . Wood Coffee Table 1Li *kustom9 gift*

Plant pot on table: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork]  Tate Set . Decorative Vases Set 2Li

Wooden flat bowl: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . Decorative Wood Bowl 2Li

Books on shelf consist of: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . Decor Books I and Tate Set . Decor Books II 1Li each

Rug 1 (on top): [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork]  Tate Set . Wide Square Rug Type 1 2Li

Rug 2 (underneath): [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork]  Tate Set . Wide Square Rug Type 2 3Li

Console table: [Atelier Burgundy] + [KraftWork] Tate Set . Marble Console 1Li


Brynn set by Fancy Decor available at Collabor88

Wall lamp: [Fancy Decor] Brynn Sconce Light (texture change) 1Li

Vase duo on table: [Fancy Decor] Brynn Clay Pots 1LI

Key tray on console: [Fancy Decor] Brynn Concrete Mail Tray 1Li

Vase: [Fancy Decor] Brynn Clay Pots 1Li


More items by Fancy Decor…

Open magazine on table: [Fancy Decor]  FD & Commoner: Indio Magazine 1Li

Magazine stack: [Fancy Decor] Capo Magazine Stack A 1Li

Circular trolley: [Fancy Decor] 16 Fancy Decor: Jansen Bar Cart 2Li



*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Tulips: [West Village] Spring Tulips – Yellow 4Li

Creeping potted plant (behind tulips): [Mithral] Rhaphidophora Cryptantha (Pack C) 9Li

Cheese plants on console and by sofa: [Mithral] Tabletop Trio (Pack C)

Cat on table: [Apple Fall] Clay Cat – Jour 1Li

Tea set: [Apple Fall] AF Tea Time Teaset *gacha item

Hanging cheese plant: [dust bunny] hanging plants . cheese plant 4Li




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