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Today I’m posting the second of the close-up images I took over the weekend. I’m still not entirely confident in them even though you all seemed to really enjoy the previous one. I’m used to trying to make everything visible as best as possible in a picture while emotions and poses have to play nicely with this overriding principle.

However, with these two I swapped it around and allowed emotion and pose to be the overriding feature. I wonder if I successfully conveyed that in them. If not then there’s always next time. I took inspiration first from the helmet and although it is worn on the head I loved the idea of clutching it tight with the words I wouldn’t normally write or say turned towards the camera just so I didn’t have to. It is still partly censored…ish. Besides, I loved the idea of the barbed wire crown. How else do you get both into a shot? This was my way. Another thing I really liked were these shoes, of course I wanted that in the shot too, along with these gorgeous pants from Pure Poison.

My favourate thing is that they zip down and up. They have the click to undress in stages function that’s so fun with certain clothing. This one affects only the zip but when it’s open down the back it still looks amazing. I’m totally sold on it and as you can see it makes for fun pictures. I wanted to be able to give you both front and back views in the main shot but don’t worry because I have inworld shots for you too. Look…

cropped view - breaking me

These have not been edited and have been taken in Second Life windlights on ultra with shadows.

Now you’re probably wondering, but what about a close up of the halo! It’s cool, I’ve got you. Slightly brighter light, still ultra with shadows.

cropped close up -breaking me

I really hope you enjoyed today’s image, don’t forget that below I’ve got credits for you in case you would like to get started on your shopping right away. If you’re still reading then I will see you again soon for another image. I’m on a roll at the moment. I should probably feel quite sorry for you but I can’t, I live in an Entrapa sort of mindset right now. I’m having far too much fun.



Barbed halo: [Cubic Cherry] Repent – halo – Silver {@Salon52 till 9th} {@Mainstore after}

Helmet: [Cubic Cherry] Gear up #1 Helmet Devil RARE {@Mainstore}

Shoes: [Cubic Cherry] Mikke Platforms – Black *unrigged {@Access till 8th} {@Mainstore after}

Shorts: [Pure Poison] Zipp Shorts (Legacy, Maitreya, Hourglass, Freya) {@Uber}

Bra/Bikini top: [Sorumin] Sexy Swimsuit Set – Bra (Legacy, Legacy perky, Maitreya) {@Frou Frou}


*Mesh body used is the legacy perky mesh body combined with the Lelutka Nova mesh head. 

*I was unable to find the pose I started with however it was edited too. The pose used for the cropped shots, however, is by Serendipity and is from the Tamara set. I’m using number 5.


Supporting Cast

Hair: [Doux]  Valentina Hairstyle

Papers: [KraftWork] Once Upon a House . Scattered Papers 1li

Backdrop used: [Bdrop] Middle East Street 50li


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