Hi there, we are back on schedule again. I’m so excited for the approach of Friday. Sure it means the month will end and I’m sad about that but at the same time, bank holidays! sunny days! weekend! and all that good stuff. Are you excited too? Now I’m wondering what you’re going to be doing with all that time. I haven’t really decided yet what I will be doing. Whatever it is, I won’t be very far from here regardless so not to worry. I am however looking forward to drawing lots, playing a lot of sims and watching so much netflix my eyes cross over. I still haven’t baked anything nor felt inclined to because of my tooth but I do at least have a date for an appointment. Bad news is it is still at least a whole week and some days away at the earliest. In a way that’s good, in a way it is bad too I know I’m only going to be stressed about it all over again.

Today’s image is of a sleeping Bear. Bless her, she worked so hard recently that she is now just getting forty winks. She is doing what I would absolutely love to be doing right now. I think I feel like I could sleep into all of next month and wake up at the end perhaps feeling refreshed. Since I can completely sympathise, I’ve decided not to disturb her sleep and just take the picture anyway. Creepy? yea…probably and yet here we are, you’re just as guilty as I am now.

I love this little lace top from Le Fil, in fact today’s outfit is by Le Fil Casse, aside from the earrings which are by C’est La Vie. Le Fil always gives of this sweet girlish feel in their clothes that I thought this would fit the theme of the clothing. It always makes me feel wonderfully and yet unapologetically feminine. Look, I can even change the little ribbons. I’m imagining tying and un-tying them over and over again because…ribbons. Hello?.


Top: [Le Fil Casse] Caliah Bralette (Maitreya, M.Petite, Legacy, L.Perky, Kupra, Freya) {@inithium Event}
Skirt: [Le Fil Casse] Danica Skirt (Maitreya, Legacy, Freya) {@Equal10}
Hairband used: [Le Fil Casse] Mei Headband {@Mainstore}
Earrings: [C’est La Vie] Poppy Earring {@Mainstore}

Supporting Cast

Hair: [Doux] Mecca Hairstyle

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