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Have you seen the adorably cute knitting wool balls by MishMish? They are so cute! I’m probably not even telling you anything you don’t already know but look at them. I like them so much I stuck them all around my avatar. I’m actually crocheting a blanket right now. Not in the Virtual world, naturally but in real life. I’ve only been at it a little bit at a time for years and it’s still not finished. I have been adding pastel colours to it because putting any other colour is just wrong. I have White and I have soft Pink and next is Lilac. All the colours currently taking feature in today’s image.

Did you also know that AsteroidBox has updated the colours they offer now? No? You’ll be so gagged because it is everything. Everything! It’s all the amazing quality that you’ve come to expect from AsteroidBox but now with colours to make the Pastel Girls like you and me squeal till we just can’t squeal anymore. I can’t even tell you how much joy it’s sparked. Want to know my favourate part of this top? it seems silly but it’s the tag. The tag on the side is everything. It’s crazy how in love with it I am. The colours & texture were already everything but then that tag is so ughhh…I’m spewing hearts.

I love the fact that it comes at a time when one of my resolutions is to enjoy colours again and get out of my funk. I’ve even been going mad on Amazon buying lots of pastel coloured things to top up my poor dwindling collection of colours. I’ve actually had to restrain myself. I don’t want to end up broke after all but my heart is so happy.

The shoes are by Sweet Thing and is equally the most adorable thing since the history of anything. Then again Sweet Thing has been one of my virtual wardrobe staples for a while now. I also love these ears, I wish I could have that much jewellery adorn my ears in real life but I’m too much of a wimpy pants.

I bought the cutest refillable file full of sparkly glitter transparent covers  and pom pom balls and it is currently my favourate thing. Every time I feel bad I take a look at it and the colours make me happy. Playing with the glitter in it makes me happy. Just watching it move when I turn the cover. So much joy. Come, let me hug you and infect you with joy because I think I’m overflowing with it. Let’s glittersplode together!

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Hair: [monso] My Hair – Gabriella (m/ type A) @Collabor88

Ears: [Random Matter] Thailin Ears – Elfie @Collabor88

Eyes: [More x Cheezu] Kirara-tsurara eyes @Mainstore

Collar: [Sweet Thing] Polarity Choker – Fatpack (Maitreya, Non-Rigged) @Anthem

Top: [AsteroidBox.] Eliza Shirt – Fatpack (Legacy, Petite, V-tech, HG, Freya) @Anthem

Socks/Shoes: [Sweet Thing] Polarity Platforms – Fatpack (Maitreya) @Anthem

String lights: [Lagom] Nommy Stringlights [ Icecream ] 2 li per string. @Color Me Cute

Chair used: [Half Deer] Vintage Settee Sofa – Floral (PG) 7li @Collabor88

Yarn: [MishMish] Grey Kitten Yarn Bowl ( lavender/ candy / natural) 1li each @Collabor88

Blanket: [Half Deer] Blanket Clutter – All Colors – Edge Large 2li @Mainstore

Pose: [Serendipity] Tahlia 5 @Mainstore


*all above listed items have been provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

** mesh body used in today’s post is the Legacy body with deformers. Mesh head used is Genus baby mesh head. Skin is Nucca by Pepe used with a lipgloss from Mudskin. Eyelashes are by OkkBye.


Supporting Cast

Shorts: *{Junbug}* Not So Scandalous Bloomers [Original] – Maitreya

Cushion: [Tres Blah] -tb- Spring Living – Pillow (Cafe) 1li

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