Kitty’s Dream

Kitty's Dream

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Have you seen the adorable fishes by MishMish? I love them. I want to walk around with all the colours attached to my avatar and have them swirl round me till I’m engulfed in them. My favourate colours are the ones pictured but also the Candy set. The pastel colours are life. Kitty Bear is back again and this time she’s locked in a kitty fantasy.

Floating fishies everywhere, delicious fishies…

I think I’m there with her. I want to gum all the fishes. Not because I have no teeth but because I couldn’t possibly harm anything this precious but at the same time I want to nom them because they ‘are’ so precious. Look at the adorable scales on them. It’s ridiculously cute. When you get yours zoom into them and check out that texture job. If you don’t fall in love I will be shocked. Utterly gobsmacked.

There is even a Goldfish version as well as Ocean, which of course is a blues set of colours. Darks are another colour set available and even they are cute. Literally, weepingly, cute. You’re going to find it hard to choose and harder still not to love.

Since I love this tail and ears set so much, I used it to kitty-fy my avatar. I used the unrigged version but there are bento versions too. I just like unrigged versions sometimes. You get more control and they tend to stand still long enough for pictures.

The apron dress is still one of my favourate On-Line items because I’m always going to be weak for cute, lolita style items. The frills, the poofy skirts, the bows. You can always sign me up for that any day, any time.



Hair: [Miwas] Hair #Maria {@Kustom9}

♡ ♡ Heart gems (under eyes): [Miwas] Tokki. x MIWAS / Idol HeartPearl {@Mainstore}

Ears: [Sweet Thing.] Neko Ears 1.2  {@Mainstore}

Collar: [On-Line] RORO APRON GACHA / CHOKER PINK {@Mainstore}

Dress: [On-Line] RORO APRON GACHA / RARE {@Mainstore}

Fishes: [MishMish] Shoal of Fish {@Kustom9}


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*mesh body used is the Legacy perky mesh body and Genus Strange mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Headdress: [Insomnia Angel] Night heaven – bonnet [pastel]

Sweets packet: [Popony] neko macaron set – macaron

Pose: [Mewsery] SmolBun [bento] Pose3b

Backdrop: [CMYK]  2. pastel magical studio 4 (by ۰ ᴍ ᴇ ᴍ ɪ ʟ ۰ (marinestella))

Pillars (backdrop): [CMYK]  6. pastel magical studio (by ۰ ᴍ ᴇ ᴍ ɪ ʟ ۰ (marinestella))

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