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I am so glad it is my ‘end of the week’ it’s been manic again work wise and I really really need the time off. I would also love the time back to myself to be able to take pictures and draw and play animal crossing. Basically all the things I normally get to do to wind down in the evening. Unfortunately when it gets so busy I find myself working endless hours. I tend to break for dinner of course but then I go back and continue till nine in the evening. I would probably fit into Japanese working hours honestly. I can sincerly say, I don’t know how they do it but they are amazing. I am usually so shattered that I dread the next day. Of course you can’t really escape it. So the end of the weekend is like a bright beacon of hope. I’m looking forward to this one like a thirsty man is to his next cold drink.

Today’s image consisted of me trying to make a vintage colour feel and not quite certain of whether I succeeded or not. I did however get the ‘we’re out together’ part that I wanted. It’s a date scenario but something casual. I highly suspect that casual or not I would be completely useless on a date as past experience has show even limited as it was. I feel like it would be somehow exponentially worse if my date were female. I’m terrible with guys but wow I’m a disaster around girls I like.

Till a girl smiled at me and offered me some of her bought confections I never knew the depths of my utter uselessness around girls in that way. My brain crashed. The simple fact was it could not compute having a cute girl possibly liking the tubby short thing that was me let alone offer her some of her confectionary. The guilt of accepting…but then what could I do? (were my eyes that hungry???! where they hungry for her or the food geez I don’t know, maybe she mistook my staring for being hungry…thought I was being subtle as well. damn.)

Hunger was not the reason I took it. It was automatic I think, simply because I remember thinking ‘why did I take this…now I have to eat it in front of her…oh god what have I done!?’. Sometimes you do stuff automatically and realise after and wonder why you did that. Was I supposed to say no? how?? Don’t know what possessed me. Wish I could say it was a one off as well. I have this really weird ability to suffer brain crashes and my body acts on its own volition to perform basic functions while the rest of me just blushes like a raging idiot. Guys just aren’t as intimidating to deal with for me I can still function somewhat despite crippling shyness. Girls turn me into a completely useless human mass. I will not be eating any kind of food willingly on a date.

Thankfully though, my second life me can ‘elegant’ more than real life me ever could.


Featured items


Hair: [Miwas] Hair #Maria {@Mainstore}
 Headband: [C.A] Siegrid headband {@Sanarae}
 Necklace/collar: [Oxide] Dara Collar (with texture Hud) {@Sanarae}
 Dress: [Sorumin] You’re gorgeous Dress (Legacy, Maitreya) {@Tres Chic}
 Delicious held treat: [Soybean] Kawaii Explosion dangos common 1 {@Sanarae}


♡ Dress/outfit: [C’est La Vie] Roza Cardigan (S.Physique, S.Hg, Maitreya, B.Venus, B.Isis, B.Freya) {@The Warehouse Sale}

Earring: [51pa] cassette tape Earrings type-A {@Sanarae}


 Background build: [Haikei] 729 DONUT SHOP 48Li {@Sanarae}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes.

**mesh bodies/heads used in today’s post (satomi) maitreya lara/genus classic (bear) legacy/lelutka ryn


Supporting Cast

♡ Pose: [Lyrium] Girls Dual Pose 10


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