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Just over there - Part Two

Just over there - Part One

I’m sorry that today’s post is a little further in the day than I wanted it to be, however I decided last minute that I wanted to do a fashion and decor post again. Since I started just today, it took a bit longer to get round to the post.

I decided to do something bright and I just love this dress, I spent the longest time playing around with the fatpack HUD to match it to the decor and in the end I just went with sunshine yellow. My theory for it being that beautiful small splotch of yellow in the pretty canvas image on the table…and then I went wild with it because why not.

A few of the events have their last days tommorow or certainly the next few days as of course the month is on course to it’s end. Even I am having to pop to a few I forgot. Maybe we might see each other on the way. Anyway, here’s your shopping list below, there will be a quiz on it later.

Featured items

Dress: [Le Fil Casse] Ayana Dress (Legacy, L.Perky, Maitreya, M.Petite) {@Mainstore}
Chandelier: [KraftWork] Grasse Collection . Chandelier 3Li  {@FameshedX}
Wall Panel (concrete): [KraftWork] Finished Concrete Panel 2Li {@Mainstore}
Wall Panel (Patterned): [Lagom] Add on Accent walls [ M ] 2Li {@Access}

Pouf 1: [Fancy Decor] Kleine Pouf Ottoman (blue) 2Li {@Equal10}
Pouf 2: [Fancy Decor] Kleine Pouf Ottoman (red) 2Li {@Equal10}
Chair: [KraftWork] Grasse Collection . Settee 6Li {@FameshedX}
Trunks: [+Half-Deer+] Metal Storage Trunk – Navy (Gold – Double) 2Li {@Flf Birthday bash}
File box: [what next] S Storage Box – Colours 2 1Li {@Mainstore}

Table: [Fancy Decor] Kleine Desk (texture change) 4Li {@Equal10}
Picture frame: [Fancy Decor] Kleine Leaning Art 1Li {@Equal10}
Lamp: [Fancy Decor] Kleine Lamp 1Li {@Equal10}
Pen holder: [Fancy Decor] Kleine Pen Holder 3Li {@Equal10}
Rug under table: [Fancy Decor] Kleine Rug 1Li {@Equal10}
Potted roses on table: [what next] Rose Vase Decor #1 1Li {@Mainstore}
Canvas on ground (next to wall): [Fancy Decor] Kay Canvas 1Li {@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
**Mesh body used in image is the Legacy Perky mesh body. Mesh head is the Lelutka Briannon EvoX

Supporting Cast

Pose: [Mewsery] Sakura 1A
Hair: [BonBon] Kaori Hair
Potted chese plant: [dust bunny] potted cheese plant 4Li
Computer on table: [Haikei] Between Day and Evening Gacha 7 2Li
Center table: [Haikei] Suddenly morning gacha {6} 2Li
Box of roses: [Apple Fall] Roses Box
Suitcase with shoes: [tres blah] Golden Cage – Suitcase Display 1Li
Champange tray: [dust bunny] tray of champagne . gold 1Li
Potted palm: [Varonis] Tropical Bliss / Potted Banana Plant 7Li
Bento Box: [dust bunny] kawaii lunch . wrapped bento . blue 1Li


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