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There are some gorgeous furniture pieces available at Collabor88 and The Seasons story and today I have decorated a room inspired by and featuring these items. I really enjoyed setting this up and it surprised me because  I had initially had a completely different idea and route I had wanted to go. In the end I felt like it was always meant to look like this, how could I have ever imagined it differently.

Without too much preamble, please see below for the credit listing.




Build usedBueno – Studio Skybox- Natural 19Li* @The Seasons story

(This skybox is gorgeous and definately needs to be seen inworld to fully appreciate how well made it is I was surprised to find it so light on land impact. I adore it’s large window. It’s so big it looks like a doorway and I’ve decided to fudge the lines there. It looks like an entrance too. So I placed it down beside my pretty building from Ionic which ended up giving it a touch of rural I hadn’t expected.


Build 2 (outside)ionic : Northern House RARE 67Li* @Mainstore

I really love this quaint building it’s perfect for that out in the country house/sim you’ve always wanted. I love the effects of the peeling walls on the side. The texturing is goregous. If you are lucky to win this build in the gacha it comes from never let it go. Even inside is a joy of texturing. I can’t help loving really well textured items. I feel like it should be my bear cottage in the woods…now there’s an idea!


(In order from the bed side to the window side – featured items only see lower for extra items)

BedFancy Decor – Watson Poster Bed* 12Li @Collabor88

Wall decoration/clock[BMS] – 3z_ SunburstClock // A* 2Li @The Seasons Story


Leather chairs: [Cubic Cherry] {Velia} chair* 3Li each @The Seasons Story

These chairs are amazing! I was tempted to make them pink because I love pink and there were fun pink and light colours in the box but in order to suit the room aesthetic I decided to try black. How sexy does it look in black?! I didn’t think I could love the colour black so much. For people that know me it is a colour I rarely stray to but It’s perfect! Again can you believe the light land impact? No, neither could I.


Side TableFANCY DECOR – Watson Side Table* 1Li @Collabor88

Box stack on side tableFANCY DECOR – Watson Stacked Boxes* 1Li @Collabor88

Wall picturesFANCY DECOR– Watson Owl Prints* 11 Li (resized) 5Li (orginal size) @Collabor88

Wall sconcesFANCY DECOR – Watson Sconce* 1Li @Collabor88

RugFANCY DECOR: Watson Rug 2Li @Collabor88

Dark vase SetANDIKA Vase[decor]@The Seasons story (flowers inside not included see supporting items)




(on centre table)

CakeANDIKA – apricot cake[decor]* 1Li @The Seasons story

Cutting boardANDIKA Cutting board set[decor]* 1Li @The Seasons story

Books stackFANCY DECOR – Watson Stack of Books* 1Li @Collabor88


ShelfTrompe Loeil – Norah Shelf + Props B* 10Li @Collabor88

Basket of LemonadeAriskea – [Sour] Fresh Lemon Basket* 1Li @Collabor88


view on flickr



(items not being featured and or purchased by myself. Items given for review purposes will have a ‘*’)

(Listing from Bed to window)

Canopy+Half-Deer+ – Boho Bed Canopy (Cream)* (resized – 7Li)

Ottoman (end of the bed) : REIGN – BABE CAVE OTTOMAN (GOLD)- # 17 (gacha) 1Li

SofaFancy Decor – Jansen Sofa 01 RARE 13Li

Centre tableFancy Decor: Titian Coffee Table 2Li

Flowers in Vase by chair*LODE* Decor – Matthiola [white duo color] 2Li

Cheese plantdust bunny – potted cheese plant 2 Li

BarApple Fall – Masculine Bar 8Li

Palm plantdust bunny – potted palm 5Li

LadderPILOT & Can’t Even – Ladder with Blanket [Stripes]* 1Li

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