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Just a taste

Just a taste

Allergies are the worst. I got taken down for a few days and wow did I feel like death warmed up. I had no desire to do a single…damn…thing. I just about got myself to rl work and back. Out into the Pollen and back home through the pollen. All day in the pollen and yet even at home there was just no hiding from it.

I think I have one of the most sensitive reactions. So I end up very  not pretty and half dead in bed. Puffy eyes and all included. I am so happy to finally be feeling like I can actually open my eyes. My vision has been hideously blurry though. In advance I’m going to apologise for any spelling errors.

I’m going to be trying my best not to make them though because I don’t want you to miss the super sexiness that is my current favourate room. It’s done up with the gorgeous bedroom set from Fancy Decor at Uber. You still have time to go down and pick it up. I love the translucent posts. So gorgeous.  I am forming a weakness for them. Look how elegant it makes the bed look. Even the bench has the same delicate legs.

The set from Madras added an asian flair that I really liked. So naturally I had to break out all the drape curtains and cloth. The items from Madras which will be listed below are part of a gacha set from The Arcade. It’s one of those gachas that you can play and whatever you get can work as a stand alone item as well as a set.

Like those romance books that don’t require you to have bought all the ones that came before. You know you like those don’t shake your head. You’re with friends now, hehe.

First though…to the shops but not without the credits first. You’ll need those!




Items by Fancy Decor @UBER – Blague Set


Fancy Decor  Blague Bed (adult) 8li

Fancy Decor  Blague Canvas 1li

Fancy Decor  Blague Endtable  1li each

Fancy Decor  Blague Lamp 1li each

Fancy Decor  Blague Rug 1li

Fancy Decor Blague Bench 2li


Items by Fancy Decor @COLLABOR88 – Indio Set


FD & Commoner: Indio Sofa – brown – pg 4li

FD & Commoner: Indio Storage Shelf 3li



Items from Madras @THE ARCADE – Ganapathy Decor Gacha Set


12 MADRAS Elephant Bell Decor Brass RARE 5li

03 MADRAS Terracotta Pot Decor 2li

10 MADRAS Elephant Candle Holder 2li

06 MADRAS Jaya Floor Table Decor 1li

07 MADRAS Jaya Table Decor 1li

08 MADRAS Monkey Chai Wrought 1li

09 MADRAS Monkey Chai Brass 1li



Supporting Cast


hive // bakers ceiling fan . silver 3li

hive // hanging devil’s ivy plant . dark x2 3li each

+Half-Deer+ Ceiling Drapes – High – Plain (opaque) 1li each

3.DRD LN curtain 1 (poofed) x2 6li each

floorplan. french door divider / wood 7li

hive // potted plants . swiss cheese plant . pot a 6li


Items on the storage shelf starting from the top…


PLAAKA LinenPlacemats Folded 1li

Dahlia – Denmark – Blanket – Beige 1li

Apple Fall Hydrangea Bunch – White 2li

Apple Fall Leather Moccasins 1li

hive // potted fan palm plant 3li

Scarlet Creative The Arcade June 15 – Rwah Rustic Barn RARE 69li

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