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Hello there, guess who’s up late today. So, I decided to put up a post, naturally. It’s going to be a credits only post. I was setting up this scene earlier and realised I rather liked this one with my avatar in it. She isn’t showing off any outfits particularly but I was rather taken with her peering into the glass cabinet to see if any of the plants needed watering and one of the bears is here to help. It’s always nice to get input from one of the bear kin.

The focus of today’s post is the decor aspect however I will add below what it is she was wearing just incase you were curious nonetheless.


Backdrop/build: [Ionic] Scenes – Ibiza _1 28Li {@Mainstore}

♡  Vine: [+Half-Deer+] White Blossom Vines – A 2Li {@Mainstore}

Console table:[Fancy Decor] Leah Console 1LI {@Anthem till 30th} {@Mainstore}

Canvas: [Fancy Decor] Leah Canvas 1Li {@Anthem till 30th} {@Mainstore}

Lamp: [Fancy Decor] Leah Lamp 1Li {@Anthem till 30th} {@Mainstore}

Sculpture: [Fancy Decor] Leah Sculpture 1Li {@Anthem till 30th} {@Mainstore}

Sign board: [Lagom] Pink drink set sign 3Li {@Mainstore}

Bottles: [Lagom] Pink drink set – Wine Bottles 1Li {@Mainstore}

Tin of toothpicks: [Lagom] Pink drink set – Toothpicks 1Li {@Mainstore}

Bowl of olives: [Lagom] Pink drink set – Olives 1Li {@Mainstore}

Bowl of sugar: [Lagom] Pink drink set – Sugarcube 1Li {@Mainstore}

Drinks shaker:  [Lagom] Pink drink set – Shaker 1Li {@Mainstore}

Paper christmas trees: [Fancy Decor] Accordion Paper Tree (texture change) 1Li {@Tannenbaum}

Pot of orange flowers: [Kraftwork] Cooler Planter with Peonies . Orange 2Li {@Mainstore}

Wire basket: [Fancy Decor] Damon Basket 2Li {@Mainstore}


Cabinets: [Fancy Decor] Display Cabinet (black) 3Li each *resizable* {@Mainstore}

Watering can being held:  [MishMish] Elephant Watering Can Attachment – Green (animated hold and decor only available) {@Mainstore}

Heart petals on floor: [+Half-Deer+] Rose Petal Heart w/ Lights (Pink) 3Li {@Mainstore}

Teddy: [MishMish] Teddy Bear – Hold me / Latte 1Li {@Mainstore}


*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

For the curious, the items my avatar is actually wearing is listed below. My avatar is using the Maitreya Mesh body, hair from Doux, Bear ears headband from Pr!tty.

Dress: [Lomomo] Oriane Dress (White)

Tights: [The Secret Store] Polka tights

Shoes: [Toksik] Amai Heels

Plant in wire basket under console table: [Mithral] Jar Terrarium (Gold)


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