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Just a little bit

Just a little bit

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If you aren’t tempted to stay in my arms then stay in my home for everything that I am resides between these walls.


Today’s post is home decor featuring furniture items from Fancy Decor, What Next and a touch of Ionic. I don’t know what you would call a room like this but it was put together on how I felt at the time. I wanted something to surround the absolutely gorgeous fireplace set by Fancy Decor. The cute candles are by What Next and is available as a VIP group gift. The VIP group join fee is 250 lindens and the Candles are not the only gift available to pick up. There are a handful of previous group gifts.



Fireplace: [Fancy Decor]Carter Fireplace 3li @Uber

Mirror (above fireplace): [Fancy Decor] Carter Beveled Mirror 1li  @Uber

Fire Screen: [Fancy Decor]  Carter Fire Screen 1li @Uber

Fire tools: [Fancy Decor]  Carter Fire Tools 1li  @Uber

Vase: [Fancy Decor]  Carter Vase with Branches 1li  @Uber

Logs: [Fancy Decor] Carter Log Rack 1li  @Uber

Picture frame (on top of fireplace): [Fancy Decor] Carter Photo Frame 1li  @Uber

Gold bowl on black box (on side table):[Fancy Decor] Carter Bowl & Box 1li @Uber

Striped vase (on side table): [Fancy Decor] Carter Jar Vase 1li @Uber


Candle (on side table): {what next} Hoodie Weather Candle 1 1li *VIP group gift

Candle group on carpet: {what next} Fall Candles Group 1 (3li) *VIP group gift

Candle (orange one – next to candle group on ground): {what next} Pumpkin Chai Candle 2 1li *VIP group gift

Candle on fireplace (ground):{what next} Autumn Leaves Candle 1 1li *VIP group gift


Chair (white): [Fancy Decor] Bernard Armchair – White 5li

Chair (grey): [Fancy Decor] Bernard Armchair – Gray 5li

Side Table: [Fancy Decor] Bernard Side Table 1li

Rug: [Fancy Decor] Flora Rug 1li

Pile of Books: [Fancy Decor] Fancy Decor: Flora Book Stack 1li

Cupboard/Wardrobe: [Fancy Decor] Lee Armoire 6li

Vase on top of fireplace: [Fancy Decor] Flora Tulip Vase 1li

Wall lights: [Fancy Decor] Bradley Sconce 2li

Canvas on wall: [Fancy Decor] Blague Canvas 1li

Picture frame resting against wall (under canvas): [Fancy Decor] Flora Window Prints 1li


Hanging plant: [*ionic*] Hanging Plant 5li


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes. 


Supporting Cast

Build: [Scarlet Creative] RainForest Hideaway Ground Version 30li

Suitcase on top of Armoire: [dust bunny] woodland dreams . rosey suitcase 3li (gacha)

Blue Suitcase on top of Armoire: [dust bunny] storybook living . suitcase stack 1li (gacha)

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