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It’s not christmas yet

Here in real life, I’ve already been eyeing up the Christmas bed sheets in the cupboard for a while now. I’ve been wondering if it’s still too early to bring them out. I understand it might be a tad too early for decorations. I realise that might be going a bit too far but surely bedsheets don’t count, right? I need someone to back me up here. I want Santa’s face splayed all over my bed again. There’s something about waking up in Christmas themed sheets that just makes every morning a little bit more special. Usually I would not be caught dead starting Christmas outside of the month of December. It’s one of my pet peeves to hear Christmas music playing earlier than the month of December. How Dare!

This year however, something strange seems to have taken over me and I am more open to the idea of Christmas starting way earlier than normal. It might just be the need to immerse myself into something joyful because most of the doom and gloom of this year has taken it’s toll. It’s sapped away my zest for life, made me quite cynical and given me nightmares. My binge fest of She-ra and Animal Crossing has allowed me to come up and take a breath I’m looking for something else to throw myself into again. I mean, that has to be it right? Or it might just be that it is something exciting to look forward too after nine months of lockdown. You don’t have to go out for Christmas, it’s done in the house. That’s where Santa comes and presents get sent there. You don’t need to go out to track Santa, you do it from home with the internet.

I will miss going to a Christmas market or physically going shopping but most of my shopping is usually done online anyway. I do a little of it physically because it is nice, closer to the time, to actually go out and get immersed in the crazy but exciting atmosphere of last minute Christmas shopping. I had in fact realised last Christmas that there was a real, Polar Express that you could go on and I had never known. My mind almost exploded when I found out. It was a lie, surely. I had wanted to look it up to see if it was possible to book it for the end of the year. I believed I would really enjoy it, it would be an utter blast. Life sucks a lot, so why shouldn’t I take a moment to enjoy an escape. No one’s bagging and tagging me anytime soon, can’t possibly embarass my own self right?? (I feel so bad for whoever gets stuck with me, it’s gonna be a ride.)

Inworld shots in clear windlight no shading. No overlays/editing

That was of course made an impossibility by all that happened next. It’s okay, you know the story, you were in it with the rest of us. I am a little saddened by that but it’s okay because maybe it would never have happened anyway. I never found out how much a ticket would cost anyway. There is always next year! In the meantime I get to roll around in Christmas themed things inworld as well as…out-world? Besides, in-world has winter bears. My life has been blessed, thank you Half Deer.

I’m telling you, there is no space left on my virtual bed. Bears, bears everywhere!



Items by Half Deer, available at various locations

Mini houses and tree scene: [Half+Deer] Mini Ceramic Village – Gold 16Li (softlinked version) {@Anthem}

Drapes: [Half+Deer] Ceiling Drapes 1Li each {@Mainstore}


Items by KraftWork, available at {@Mainstore}

Bed: [KraftWork] Maresias Bed PG . Christmas Edition 20Li

Greenery over mirrors: [KraftWork] Green Wall . Mesh Alpha Plants 1Li


Items by Fancy Decor, available at {@Fameshed}

Lamp: [Fancy Decor] Grace Lamp 1Li

Mirrors: [Fancy Decor] Grace Mirror 1Li each

Dressers: [Fancy Decor] Grace Console 5Li


Items available from {@Collabor88}

Frame on table: [Floorplan] leaning letterboard / candles 1Li

Doughnuts and tea: [Disorderly] Warm Fall Tea / Donuts 1Li

Polar bear on bed: [Half+Deer] Polar Bear Cub – Crown (Sit) 1Li

Polar bear on ground with hat: [Half+Deer] Polar Bear Cub – Santa Hat (Stand) 1Li

Polar bear near chair: [Half+Deer] Polar Bear Cub – Natural (Right) 1Li

Bag on bed: [Lagyo] La Parisienne – Handbag Stone 7Li


Items by KraftWork, available at {@Kustom9}

Nut bowl and nutcracker: [KraftWork] Magnolia . Nuts Bowl 1Li

Armchair: [KraftWork] Magnolia . Armchair (With Pillow) PG 7Li

White pouf: [KraftWork] KraftWork Magnolia . Pouf PG 3Li

Coffee Tray on pouf: [KraftWork] Magnolia . Coffee & Cookie Tray 2Li

Vase of flowers on dresser: [KraftWork] Magnolia . Magnolia Vase 2Li

Side table in foreground: [KraftWork] Magnolia . Side Table 2Li


Items from What Next, available {@Mainstore}

Curtains: [What Next] Draped Curtains (PATTERNS) 5Li

Pie: [What Next] Country Kitchen Apple Pie 1Li

Cups of cocoa: [What Next] Sweater Mugs (leaf) 1Li

Roll (cake): [What Next] Pumpkin Roll Cake 1Li


Items by Keke, available {@Mainstore}

Pine Tree near head of bed: [Keke] Pine Tree


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

Build: [Apple Fall] AF Paris Loft Skybox RARE 61Li

Wall panels: [Architect.] Luxardo Panel 2 (wood) 1Li

Pillow pile: [22769] Floor Pillows – COMMON 2Li

Pale wood table: [Hive] jolly coffee table chest 1Li



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