It’s just a phase (*nsfw)

It's just a phase

(I have marked today’s post as nsfw because well it’s not bad, you see worse in a swimsuit, but it’s not something you would want your boss to see when you’re supposed to be working either. Just like girls in swimsuits)

In the recent theme of pinks here comes another with pink as the most dominant force. I like the sound of that actually. It’s like pink is taking over the world or something. Do you know that some days, I really wish I didn’t like pink. It just seems like such a cliche to love pink and be a girl now. So much so there are girls that reject pink as if it is akin to accusing them of being a witch, except of course in the olden days. Not now. Now it’s cool. See how that flipped? Now when you say you like pink it’s almost like there’s this disdainful look given to you. Like you’re such a stereotypical girl and they know all about you in that one simple admission.

It’s okay though because jokes on you, there’s a whole bunch of more weird quirks to me that you’re missing out on, ha! Though staying with the subject of my favourate colour, I find that many people many people mismatch their pinks in eye-watering shades and textures. Naturally, being the self appointed champion for all things pastel with my expertise laying in Pinks, I feel like I’m qualified to comment upon it. This is the case regardless of whether my input is particularly welcomed or not. I still think it in my head. I do. It’s my head, I can do what I like with it, mhm.

I shake my mental head and give that judging ‘tut tut’ and ‘how could you do that to such a beautiful colour, those shades don’t even go together! so much atrocities!’. It’s not even any of my business but I feel the need to side with my colour buddy here and acknowledge the wrongs being done to it. Empathise, even just for a second, on it’s wilful mistreatment. Poor Pink, it never did anyone any harm why do you harm it in return?! I know I’m doing it, I hate that I’m doing it. It’s none of my business. They are allowed to do pink however they want to make themselves happy.

Yet, though I realise this, I’m that person that every time I ask someone what their favourate colour is and they say pink, I genuinely feel like I’m now in competition with them.

I like it better than you though and it likes me back. The colour Pink and I were friends way before you were. This is MY colour. It honestly feels like there is a 3 year old living inside me that hasn’t yet learnt to share. Part of my mind is thinking ‘babes, here’s something you could bond over with another human being’ but the larger part of my mind is being such a brat.

Yet meeting that ‘one’ special person that loves the same colour as you and you’re like hm…I don’t mind sharing it with you…just don’t break it okay. One, being the operative word here. I’m still not used to sharing it with five or ten, or thousands. It’s mine I tell you. Mine!

That is how childishly selfish my love of pink is but it’s fine. My Pink is a special pink anyway so it’s totally different and unique so nyah!

See what I mean? Can’t even help myself.



Eyelashes:  [Mai Bilavio] Call Girl collection – 012 Lelutka (Lelutka, Genus, Catwa)  {@Collabor88}{mainstore}

Headdress: [Lagyo] Erin Flower Crown {@Collabor88}{mainstore}

Earrings: [Lagyo] Erin Flower Earring {@Collabor88}{mainstore}

Hair: [Tram] J0225 hair {@Collabor88}{mainstore}


Necklace: [Lagyo] Erin Necklace {@Collabor88}{mainstore}

Nipple pasties: [Stories & Co] Signature Pasties (Slink H, Slink P, Slink H Petite, Freya, Maitreya, V-tech)  {@WCF}{mainstore}

Bra: [Stories & Co] Signature Shelf Bra (Slink H, Slink P, Slink H Petite, Freya, Maitreya, V-tech)  {@WCF}{mainstore}

Bottoms: [Stories & Co] Signature Waist Skirt (Slink H, Slink Phy, Maitreya, Freya)   {@WCF}{mainstore}


Heels: [Hucci] Banga Pump (Maitreya, Belleza, Slink) {@Collabor88}{mainstore}

Hanging glittering lights: [Refuge] Spark Lamp Shimmer Gold Larger 7 li {mainstore}

Backdrop: [Lagom] Colorbomb Backdrops – [Container Pink] #09 5li *purchased {mainstore}


*all above listed items unless otherwise specified have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

**Mesh body used in today’s post is the Slink Hourglass using the Petite Augument and combined with the Lelutka Nova mesh head. 


Supporting Cast

Stole: [Le fil Casse] Whitney Collection Fur Stole RARE (isis/freya)

Chair: [Dust Bunny] velvet shell back chair . pink 4li


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