It’s just a good day

It's just a good day

It’s Sunday and strangely this has been one of the nicest days all week in terms of all things coming together. I’ve felt lighter, happier and free of worries. My mind isn’t niggling at me to think about anything neither am I afraid of anything because I can’t remember if there is anything I should be afraid of right now. I like it that way. The sun is out and the warmth of it off the window is really nice. The yellow of the living room really popped into life. I like the sunny spots on the carpet and did spend a few minutes through the day just standing in them to sun myself like a cat. This apple I’m eating is so cute and diddy but it’s the sweetest thing. Spongebob is on the tv and I’m remembering how much I do like that show. I haven’t been triggered by anything on Twitter. I’m in my favourate wig and I feel like I jumped out of an anime and I really am feeling this dress I found at the bottom of a large bag of clothes. I can’t say I ever looked at this dress before and thought it was cute but apparently today is that day that everything is sunny side up. I even looked in the mirror and didn’t hate what I saw there. So, I’m going to say this is a good day. This is what good day’s feel like.

I hope you have an equally good day too where everything in the world feels A-okay. Today I wanted to do something fun and easy. Something with Bear that felt as good as how I currently feel. Cute and happy with life. I don’t have a delicious lollipop but I do have the world’s cutest most delicious apple and that is a really good equivallent. This school uniform is by C’est La Vie and it is also at School Day, the event that yesterday’s item from Sorumin was also from. I told you they had cute things. I have been so looking forward to C’est La Vie’s next cute uniform.

Inworld shot with shadows/unedited using another pose from Stardust’s Candy girl set

They are always so adorable. I nearly fell off the chair squeeing. The jumper looks so comfortable and soft. In a way both styles compliment each other. If you want the jumper tied around your shoulders yesterday’s outfit works smashingly. If you want to be in the jumper today’s outfit suits that ideal. If you want to pick and choose, then you know what you have to do. I’m a sucker for uniforms so I love them both. I don’t know why I like uniforms so much but I dare say it won’t be for the reasons most people think.

The pose is by Stardust, I love when Stardust does poses because it’s always a step out of the norm but you know it’s going to be something really good. I love the props for Candy girl and I love that this time all you have to do is put it on, the pose and the props work as one. Best of all if your avi is tiny like mine you can ‘edit linked’ the props seperately and move them around. There’s even a swing for the Rare item which is really really cute too.

The hair I got from the Saturday Sale and I found that today was the day I found a use for the really adorable vending machine I got from Makokoi. Yes, I entered that shop and said this is the day…the day I spam buy a whole store. I loved every moment. If I had had more money I would have kept going too. Did I know when I might use the vending machine? of course not! did I think I would stick in in my avatar’s virtual home anyway? of course! I didn’t hear Bear complaining. Anyway, you can guess what’s coming next, it’s credits time!



Pose: [Stardust] Candy Girl gacha pose (wear/add) 7 {@Hentai Fair}
Outfit: [C’est La Vie] Gwen School Look (Maitreya, Slink.H, Slink.P, Freya) {@School Day}
Tail: [Sweet Thing] Neko Tail (bento) {@Mainstore}

*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Mesh body used is the Legacy Perky with deformers. Mesh head is the Genus baby.

Supporting Cast

Hair: [Lamb] Doll – Black pack
Backdrop: [Oinc] Crush Backdrop {W/Material} 7li
Vending machine (IceCream): [Dust Bunny] ice cream vending machine . pink 7li each
Vending machine (drinks): [Makokoi] Sweet Soda Machine . Pink 10li

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