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It’s a living room

It's a living room

That’s the amazing title for today’s post. It’s absolutely ingenious and I’ve also run out of ideas for clever catchy titles. It’s almost the end of the year, it’s bound to happen.

I won’t talk too much and keep you too long because I’m sure like me you want to get back to gaming (and I to my sims). I seem to have become re-addicted to that game. It always tends to happen as soon as I have free time on my hands and usually around Christmas. I spent one evening yesterday playing it till about 2am and now I have to wean myself off it again before I start to pay for it. Aside from oversleeping of course.

So, having been dazzled by my amazing title for the image, check out the credits below.



Minimalistic Bookcase: [Con.] Vada Bookcase – LI: 12* @Collabor88

Walls: [Fancy Decor] Faline Wall Panel (gold) LI: 4 @Mainstore
Wall lights: [Fancy Decor] Capsule Sconce LI: 1 @Uber
Capsule sculpture on table: [Fancy Decor] Capsule Sculpture LI: 1 @Uber
Center table 1: [Fancy Decor] Capsule Table – gold LI: 1 @Uber
Center table 2: [Fancy Decor] Capsule Table – white LI: 1 @Uber
Pillow: [Fancy Decor] Briar Pillow LI: 1 @Mainstore
Wine & glass on shelf: [Fancy Decor] Garnet Wine (touch for glass) LI: 2 @Uber
Center table 3: [Fancy Decor] Capsule Table – black LI: 1 @Uber
White sofa: [Fancy Decor] Capsule Sofa – White Leather (adult) LI: 3 @Uber

Stars on wall: [Floorplan] twinkle holiday star LI: 1* @Collabor88

Single chair: [Foxwood] Cozy Wingback – Light 1 LI: 4* @Collabor88

Circlet/wreath on table: [Minimal] Tartan Home Set XmasCrown LI: 1* @Collabor88

All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes unless marked with an ‘*’ these have been purchased.


Supporting Cast

White Bookshelf: [Apple Fall] Mercantile Bookshelf – Double w/ Doors LI: 3
Rug: [Apple Fall] Althea Rug – Antique Dark LI: 6
Indoor plant tall: [Apple Fall] Aspidistra in Wicker Planter LI: 5

Bell (inside bookshelf): [Madras] Bell Brass LI: 1
Bottles in bookshelf: [Madras] Moisture Bottle Decor LI: 1
Books in bookshelf: [Madras] Book Set 1 LI: 1

Draping plant on shelf:[Dust Bunny] hoya plant LI: 2
Plant on table: [Dust Bunny] tabletop plants . fiddle leaf branch LI: 1


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