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Hi everybody, I’m back. Did you miss me? No? It’s okay because I missed you. I had a weeks break because it was completely necessary for me to get a short break. I can’t lie. The good thing is that I’m back again. That might mean alot of catching up on the horizon but I think  we just might be able to do it together. What do you say? One bit at a time.

Coming back to today’s image, I think this image was a reflection on just how hot it’s been. This is the UK too. How does it manage to feel hotter a lot earlier than last time? I don’t know anymore. Anyway, without getting distracted again the heat did make me think, it is definately time to break out the beach things. The sand and the sea and everything else. It’s officially swimsuit season. It’s not quite the time when I would have gotten to go to the beach but it’s so hot it’s giving me flashbacks and I’m already there at the sea.

I was going through all the cute items available in the new round of Collabor88 and I noticed this suit and my first thought was omg wow I have to blog. It’s absolutely gorgeous and so clever. It is a beauty however if you’re a wee bit shy *coughs*likeme*cough* you’ll notice you can’t hide much with it. The skin from Mila really came into it’s own for my situation.

The nipples come as a bom layer which meant I could take them off and have a barbie doll look above without having to horribly blur things. The um…how to put this delicately but the ‘garden below’ is also a layer which I could take off too. The panties though do cut daringly low and that’s why the bottom half is slightly cut off.

I matched the colours of the suit to the pretty headdress by Shanghai. I fell in love with this item as well it is so so pretty, my avi’s head feels like it was just blessed. It’s too pretty to put on her head and not feel like everything suddenly got elevated to ‘pretty pretty princess’. The eyeshadow is another really pretty item that I even had to take another shot to capture how pretty and shiny it was. It’s by Warpaint and I have to say I really like the items from Warpaint. They do really lovely eyemakeup.

The last thing I wanted to mention was the tattoo. It’s by Stardust, naturally. I think by now you can just tell without me even mentioning it. I have this thing for these white tattoos and the fact that they are always so elegant and beautiful, a standard feature of Stardust Tattoos, I can’t help it. I mean look how well it goes with the whole look. They literally enhance everything. As I’ve been away for a week already you should make your way down to Uber for it as soon as possible before it ends up back at the Mainstore.

And now…I’m off to go prepare for E3.


Headdress: [Shanghai] Divine Headdress White {@Collabor88}
Eyeshadow: [Warpaint] Blaze Liner (Bom, CatwaHDPro, Genus, Lel Evo/Evox) {@Collabor88}
Collar: [Shanghai] Divine Gold Collar {@Collabor88}
Tattoo: [Stardust] Eden – White Tattoo (Bom, Legacy, Maitreya, Omega) {@Uber}
Outfit: [Ersch] Kani Suit (Legacy, L.Perky, Maitreya, M.Petite, Freya, Kupra, Kups) {@Collabor88}

*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.
**Mesh body used: Maitreya Petite. Mesh head used: Lelutka Briannon EVOX. Skin is Shani by Mila.

Supporting Cast

Pose used: [Mewsery] Daisy5b
Hair: [Doux] Rehab Hairstyle
Backdrop: [Unicorn] Ohana Backdrop

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