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In the woods

In the woods

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A few days ago I made a little camping area with some of the cute items from Lagom’s gacha set at LootBox. I came to like this little area and couldn’t even put my finger on it. I think because I’m always looking for ‘issues’ if something doesn’t take as long as it should. That I should complete something without having to tear my hair out, froth at the screen or take a break and come back always seems out of the norm.

I don’t know about you but if none of these things happen I don’t trust it. I loved it very much and didn’t want to change it but I second guessed myself and thought…then that means something is surely wrong with it right? RIGHT??! some one back me up here!

I always feel that way about most of my images. If it fell together without stress and I enjoyed myself too much I think that I must have done it all entirely wrong. So I had to ask for opinions on it before I was somewhat mollified that others could see what I wanted to create. If only I could say this related just to my Second Life. It doesn’t. It really doesn’t. I do the same thing in real life.

The outhouse is my favourate. It’s so pretty it doesn’t even look like one. If outhouses looked this beautiful in real life I might not actually have the aversion to real life camping that I do.

In before you say ‘but your a bear girl though’. Yes well, Bears also like home comforts and I believe that my basic human rights should involve a warm non muddy and hard dwelling as well as heating and Internets. I’m a modern bear don’t you know. I’ve studied the heck out of this outhouse. Perhaps out of a morbid fascination (since nothing is guaranteed to make me run screaming for the hills than the word public toilets…or bugs) I think this is where my love for it started. I even liked the humorous touch of having books in there about toilet humour. There’s even a book titled ‘Everybody Poops’ right behind it. It made me chuckle.

It was really nice that there was a generous supply of toilet tissue there too and the prints, wow. They are so pretty. Far too pretty for an outhouse and yet still exactly the sort of thing to elevate it. Even the cute cloth draped across the window for privacy is adorable. My next favourate was the log shed because nothing says rural living like log sheds. I’m screaming.

Say, do you remember my crazy flf video? yes?! great! that’s where the kettle is from and those cookies. I got to use them! See, it was a good shop. The lanterns from What Next I thought would look really good in these scene and add a bit of outdoor magic and they did. I like them a lot. Isn’t it just suitably autumnal? I hope you like this scene as much as I do. I shall be bringing and indoor scene next time so enjoy the time you have outdoors.



The following listed items are from Lagom’s Hippie Camping Set gacha available at LootBox

Outhouse shed: [Lagom] 01. Lagom – Hippie Camping [ Outhouse ] Lootbox C/M 8li

Log shed: [Lagom] 03. Lagom – Hippie Camping [ Logshed ] C/M

Windchime: [Lagom] 04. Lagom – Hippie Camping [ Windchime ] C/M

Mat and wellyboots: [Lagom] 05. Lagom – Hippie Camping [ Welcome mat ] C/M 3li

Cloth tidy/shelf inside log cabin: [Lagom] 12. Lagom – Hippie Camping [ Clothshelf ] C/M 1li

Pumpkins: [Lagom] 06. Lagom – Hippie Camping [ Pumpkins ] C/M 1li

Hanging tyre swing: [Lagom] 07. Lagom – Hippie Camping [ Swing ] C/M 3li

Table and chairs: [Lagom] 13. Lagom – Hippie Camping [ Table ] C/M 5li


The following listed items are from What Next and available at the Mainstore.

Hanging lanterns: {what next} Fall Hanging Lanterns on String (green/natural) 3li each string- 5 lanterns a string.

Mr Scarecrow: {what next} Scarecrow – VIP Group Gift 2li


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes. 


Supporting Cast

Kettle and cookies on table: [Ariskea] CozyNight Copper Kettle 4li

Cup & cookies: [Ariskea] CozyNight Choco & tea 1li

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