In a bed of roses

Today was finally pay day and by all that is holy I have been waiting for this day. I hate that drag over the festive period to waiting till payday January. I held a few pounds in my hand and I felt rich. All the things I could buy for a pound for food. All those days of scrimping on food and trying to make my money last as long as possible has now left me feeling incredibly rich just looking at nine pounds worth of one pound coins in my hand. It’s a very strange feeling after a couple of days just wishing I had a pound to my name just to buy some noodles even.

Of course I promptly went on a spending spree because why not?! It’s amazing how my mood improved and despite the cold it seemed to have a much sunnier outlook. I was giggling more and smiling a whole lot more where yesterday I had had a face like someone had trodden all over it.

I would probably have even stopped off at the corner shop on my way home to buy a whole basket full of all the sweets I had missed out on. Except I’m feeling quite ill and as a result have no desire for them. Isn’t that just typical? I hope I feel better by dinner time because I had a pay day celebratory take away planned to go along with my Star Trek night. Yes, having now managed to replace the television (finally) it’s time to catch up with Discovery. I can’t wait!

Today’s post is another post I had made prior but had to swap around and move to the end while I caught up on my other images. The fact that I get to post it makes me happy because it tells me that it is the light at the end of the tunnel. It tells me I’m finally back on track. So it’s a happy picture for me now. It features Cynful and the very adorable PJ set at Collabor88. I fell in love with the white, as usual it fits like a dream and in white it felt very innocent and cosy all at the same time. I love how the strap dips down one shoulder. It’s also got a dipped decolletage. I adore all the wrinkles in the material too even the elasticated waist. It’s the little things, guys. It makes me smile.



The following items listed below are available from COLLABOR88

PJ set: [Cynful] Pajama Silk Set (Isis, Freya, HG, Lara)

Hair: [Lamb] Glam

Arm warmers: [SEmotion presents Chambray!]  Cable knit mittens


Supporting Cast

Blush: [Dazed] Cuteness Blush set @Gloss

Lipstick: [Bossie] Stellar Lipgloss @Gloss

Stretch Marks: [Izzie’s] Belly Stretch marks

Flower headdress: [Lode] Head Accessory – Vanilla Single [white]

Perfume bottle: [Tres Blah] Jolie -Round Bottle (gacha item)

Jar: [Tres Blah] Jolie – Lip Balms (gacha item)

Roses: [Air] Soubi – rose (white)

Lipglosses: [Sallie] Beaute de Sallie – Lipgloss (gacha item)

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