January seems to be turning out to be my month of least inspiration.

Or perhaps I’m just being ridiculously hard on myself.

I haven’t quite figured out which it might be. I feel incredibly uninspired and no matter where I turn there seems to be mounting things for me to do. I think that might be why. I want to unscrew my head and give it a good shake till something good comes out. I have a really funny sound clip in my head of what that might sound like too. Do you get those days too? or am I just this strange lone individual. I usually manage to get out at least three images over the weekend but I logged in and realised my brain was still fried and I still didn’t know what to do. I quite surprised myself that I got a good image considering all I was making seemed to be mocking me. I have this terrifying thought that this is what happens when you get older.

closer still…

I have to tell myself not to be so silly, I only aged a year. I mean my birthday was only at the end of December, it’s hardly been that long for symptoms to start showing…right? right?! Now that my public breakdown is complete, lets talk about the picture. Yay! that part is fun. Especially the dress, it’s breath-taking. A lot of work seems to have gone into it, the roses are beautiful and perfectly formed and all the tulle, oh but it makes my feminine soul squeal. It’s sheer delight. This is everything I love. Everything that’s good in life. It’s guaranteed to make anyone feel like the Princess they are. I do admit that I moved the eyepatch a lot higher till it ended up looking more like a head accessory than simply an eyepatch. I wanted it to still be seen in all it’s glory but I ended up liking it as a head accessory too.

inworld shots of dress

Just because not all of the dress has been caught in the image I have added an inworld shot again. The tattoo is by Cubic Cherry. I don’t quite know how best to class it because calling it a tattoo or even face paint trivilizes just how pretty it really is on. It covered my avatars head almost all the way to the back. It’s something you could have on even without hair. I just enjoyed the thought of hair just as white growing out of it. It seemed intriguing. I was just as incredibly tempted to go bald too. It is simply beautiful, I love all the crack lines and even better how it fades out towards the nose and becomes really delicate. I love how it covers all of the eyelid right up to the lashes so that all you see are the eyelashes appearing out of it. This was possibly one of the main reasons I took today’s picture from the current angle. That and the fact that I wanted to get both the front and back floral details of the dress. Look how many there are.



Face paint/tattoo: [Cubic Cherry] Exarchic Crystalization White (BoM, Omega) {@The Warehouse Sale}

Eyemask: [Sweet Thing] Duchess Mask {@Mainstore}

Rose bud attachment: [Sweet Thing] Rose Accoutr. Kit – Messy Hair Piece (L) Rose Accoutrements {@Mainstore}

Dress: [Sweet Thing] Duchess Gown (Maitreya, Maitreya Petite) {@Mainstore}

Butterflies: [Lagom] Butterflies (white) {@Mainstore}


*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**Mesh body used is the Maitreya Petite combined with the Lelutka Lilly Mesh head.


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