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I’ve got an itch for another pink kawaii scene and today’s needs are met by Refuge! who has a new desk and chair set out at Fameshed’s 7th Anniversary round. It is available in a large range of colour combinations. The colour combination used in the photo is that of Pink/White.

With Fameshed celebrating it’s anniversary round can you really afford not to be there? I’ve got some more items to showcase from Fameshed coming  really soon so hold on to your seats. I want to get to visit the event first. I am just as eager as everyone else but I just need the crowds to die down a bit so I can get in too. I want to shop too guys! let me in! I have money…fine…’some’ money. Still money for spending though right??

I may have to dress up like security and blag my way in.




Table: [Refuge] Emma Desk Pink/White 1li @Fameshed

Chair: [Refuge] Emma Desk Chair Pink/White 3li @Fameshed

Table Lamp: [Refuge] Emma Desk Lamp Pink 3li @Fameshed

Open book on table: [Refuge] Emma Desk Travel Journal 1li @Fameshed

Pencil Holder: [Refuge] Emma Desk Pencil Holder 4li @Fameshed


Tic tac Toe: [MishMish] Kawaii TicTacToe – Bear 5li (gacha item) @New Mainstore

Buttons on top: [MishMish] Kawaii TicTacToe Scattered – Bear 1li (gacha item) @New Mainstore


Heart shaped picture frame: {what next} Heart Picture Frame (gold)- VIP gift 1li @Mainstore


Blanket (folded): [ Dahlia] – Denmark – Blanket – Blush 1li


Build: [Half-Deer] The Heart Greenhouse (checkered floor) 34li


Fence outside the window: [floorplan] privacy fence / wood 1li each section


*all above items have been kindly provided by Creators for blogging/review purposes


Supporting Cast


Frames on the side: [Half-Deer] Spring Serenade – Three Vintage Frames (gacha item) 2li

Little potted plants by [Half-Deer] listed below…(gacha items)…starting from the one nearest the wall and out towards the chair.

  • +Half-Deer+ Tea Tin Garden – Tarragon (Cream Dog) 1li
  • +Half-Deer+ Tea Tin Garden – Basil (Brown Bear) 1 1li
  • +Half-Deer+ Tea Tin Garden – Parsley (Black Sheep) 1li
  • +Half-Deer+ Tea Tin Garden – Mint (Arctic Fox) 1li
  • +Half-Deer+ Tea Tin Garden – Oregano (Brown Dog) 1li
  • +Half-Deer+ Tea Tin Garden – Chives (Polar Bear) 1li


Curtain: [Ariskea] Doucy Lace curtain

Tea cup with birds: [Half-Deer] Sakura Tea Party – Spill the Tea Sis 1li (gacha item)

Tea tin: [Half-Deer] Sakura Tea Party – Cherry Blossom Tea Tin 1li  (gacha item)


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