I wonder where you are

I wonder where you are

As we come to the eve of the eve of new year’s day, we can regret some things early so that we can get all the negative feeling out of the way and be prepared to have a smashing New Years’ Eve. One without feelings that will leak into and mess up our whole brand New Year. When we get to do that countdown it will end with a sense of happiness, excitement and determination.

For now, we clean up all the mess, take time to dwell on pains for one last moment. Can’t do it alone? It’s okay, you can hold my hand and we’ll do it together. Lord knows I’ve made some grand mistakes. You know what though? it’s perfectly fine to make those. We’re going to reset the show and play it again without all the old mistakes.

With today’s image I decided to go all fantasy because I’m feeling all kinds of inspired by Cubic Cherry again. I will also include a shot of the outfit outside of the environment as well so you can see it all in it’s amazement. Yet, for now at least, I love it in it’s environment. I don’t think dark coloured pictures are very me but maybe deep inside I have those to give too. My heart spurts candy floss, stars and unicorns but every now and then it gives liquorice, molasses and dark chocolate chips. Hey, don’t scoff. That’s dark for a Candy fairy princess like myself. I may however have to give up the crown on that soon. I think I may have been depressed for awhile but only my clothes knew about it long before I ever did.

I literally realised a week or two ago that my real life wardrobe seems to consist of navy, black, white and grey. My Second life avatar is a reflection of everything I love inside and used to actually wear. However in real life that hasn’t been the case for a while. I don’t even like black or grey so I’m not sure how I ended up with so much.

I would like to find me and say “Hi, it’s been terribly lonely without you here. Want to be best friends again?” and then have my world burst back into colour. I’m ready to restart my show and it’s going to be a box office hit this time round. Wanna team up?!

i wonder where you are clear shots
She looks so moody, I don’t know why, haha
i wonder where you are clear shots 2
Longer length without any accompaniments so you can see the chest area


Horns: [Cubic Cherry] Silent Druid Horns – Mossy @winter’s hollow

Headpieces: [Cubic Cherry] Vaala Hairpins @The Epiphany

Bangles: [Zaara] Shairi bangles (choodiya) @Collabor88

Dress: [Cubic Cherry] 01 Vaala Dress (mait) RARE @The Epiphany

Strap harness: [AsteroidBox] Alina Harness (Legacy, HG, Maitreya, Freya) @Anthem

Panties: [Cubic Cherry] 08 Vaala Bits cover (mait) Bronze @The Epiphany

Leg warmers: [Cubic Cherry] 14 Vaala Socks (mait) Black @The Epiphany


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

**please note that the strap is not a perfect fit for this outfit, it is not made for it. It is there because it looked very complimentary for the image I was making. It is actually part of a different set I will be blogging soon. 


Supporting Cast

Pose: [Serendipity] Darlene

Necklace: [Zenith] Magic Stone Necklace (gold) *Group Gift

Hair: [DPYumyum] barberyumyum S13

Location: Valiumcreek

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