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I dream of chocolate and love

It’s a passionate dream, dark and decadent. It pours over my mind like the richest of beverages and I know it will be sweet. I know that with one taste I will be lost and it will fold over me like the silk sheets warmed by the heat of my skin. I could look to the sky and see only the red plumes of a thousand roses. each with petals so fine the fall like the softest rain.



Items available from Cupid Inc

Bed: [SAYO] Sin – One Night Only – Heartbreak Bed (A) 15li

Ceiling: [SAYO] Sin – One Night Only – Ceiling Mirror 1li

Wall lamp: [SAYO] Sin – One Night Only – Neon Wall Lamp 3li

Carpet: [SAYO] Sin – One Night Only – Neo Rug 4li

Neon Sign: [SAYO] Sin – One Night Only – HeartBreak Hotel Neon 6li

Bedside table: [SAYO] Sin – One Night Only – Neo Nightstand 2li

Always and forever sign: [moss&mink] Forever & Always 3li

Pillows & game: [Astralia] Truth or Dare (pg) 11li


On table next to chair...

[CURELESS[+] BonBon Floats / Cherry Soda 3li

[CURELESS[+] BonBon Floats / Root Beer 3li

On the ground...

[CURELESS[+] Hearty Burger 1li


Items available from Collabor88

Chocolate sign: [PLAAKA] Chocolate Sign 2li

Console table: [Second Spaces] Sweetheart Sideboard – chocolate 6li

Hanging flowers: [Half-Deer] Faerye Rose Garland (1li each group)

Chair: [MudHoney] Faye Corner Chair – Fatpack 4li


(on side table)

[PLAAKA] ChocolateBar Mix 2li

[PLAAKA] ChocolateTruffle 2li

(on ground)

Donughts pack: [Kalopsia] – Glazed DOH!-nut Baggie (deco) 1li

Donughts single: [Kalopsia] – Glazed DOH!-nut (deco) 1li


Available from the Mainstores…

Walls: [SAYO] Parsons Panel – Wall 01 1li each

Roses in gold jars: {what next} Rose Vase Decor 1-2li

Roses in glass jar: [ keke ] my funny valentine . 3 3li


*All items listed above were kindly provided by creators/events for blogging/review purposes.


Supporting Cast

[dust bunny] tray of champagne . gold 1li @Belle

[dust bunny] potted cheese plant 4li

[dust bunny] fiddle leaf tree 6li

[Loft & Aria] Mason Side Table (next to chair) 1li

[Apple Fall] Roses Box (Red) 1li

[NOMAD] Heart Balloon // Red 1li each

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