I don’t believe you

What do you mean bears aren’t allowed on the bed?! I don’t believe you!

Personally, I think bears have every right to be on the bed, especially when they look that cute. Who said they weren’t? I wouldn’t want to be the one who did. Anyway, guess who’s back! it’s me, I’m the one that’s back. You didn’t really have to guess because the answer was too obvious. It’s me, me and…well, me! This time I have a cuddly cute sort of picture for you. We are all fluffed up in our Momoko one-piece with the soft material and the super-soft socks that go with it. What do you think? isn’t it cute? I do like comfy looking pieces that make me think of bed and cuddles. It made me think of being cuddled up with a nice hot drink and a book or even just my switch. I would be playing Animal Crossing of course but you would probably be playing something else, which makes me wonder now what it would be. Is it impossible to play SL on a Switch? Probably?

My mind went off on a tangent there but back to the outfit, it’s out at the Gala Fair in Second Life. As the outfit gave me soft and fluffy vibes I brought out the soft panda bears because they are equally as cute. They were out last Saturday Sale for a bargain, did you get them? If you didn’t don’t worry, they are still out at the mainstore at their normal price. No matter how you buy them they are always worth it but then again MishMish items always are. Ignore me for a moment while I sigh and look off into the distance all starry-eyed because ‘mishmish’.

In a real-life ‘bread’ update…you guys, I think I may have cracked it. I used a different recipe this time and I was very careful with the ingredients. I didn’t add them in as I went along this time. No. I didn’t want a chance to get it wrong again. This time I carefully got everything measured out like they tend to do on cooking shows. Let’s face it, does anyone ever do that? let alone have that many glass bowls for things? I always thought it just for show but, I did it using every kind of container at my disposal, bowl, plate, kitchen towel square… 2-minute noodle bowl.

This time I actually got something that legitimately looks like bread, I screamed I was so happy. I just have to wait for it to cool down before I’m allowed to cut it but I am so excited that I may have gotten it right this time. So excited in fact that I could climb onto a ledge and sing…buuut, I won’t subject you all to that. Next, I’m on to the flapjacks. Banana Flapjacks to be precise and it has a chocolate drizzle over the top. It was a hard toss-up between making banana bread or more flapjacks which everyone loved so much last time that I was rather surprised. I’m becoming a domestic goddess, quick, snap me up. I’m very marketable, as long as I have youtube and an internet connection at least. The shares in me do fluctuate depending on internet connection so do be advised of the risk before investing in me.

Now that you’ve all been updated on my baking journey, it’s time for the credits and I’ll see you tomorrow with another post.



Outfit: [Momoko] Sophie Jumpsuit (Maitreya, M.petite, Legacy) {@The Gala Fair}

Socks: [Momoko] Sophie Socks (Maitreya, M.petite, Legacy) {@The Gala Fair}

Hair ribbon: [Half Deer] Windblown Ribbons Bow (windy) (*not actually a ribbon, a decor item but I resized it to make it smaller for the hair because I loved it so much I wished to use it as a hair ribbon too.) {@Mainstore}

Panda Bear with Bamboo: [MishMish] Baby Panda to hold 1Li when rezzed {@Mainstore}

Panda Bears: [MishMish] Panda Deco {@Mainstore}

Blankets: [Half Deer] Blanket Clutter – All Colors – Flat Folded {@Mainstore}


*all above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

**mesh body used in image is the Legacy Perky mesh body combined with the Lelutka Ryn mesh head, skin by Enfer Sombre.


Supporting Cast

Pose: [Foxcity] Sleepy 7

Lipgloss: [Ives] Rascha Lipgloss

Macaron: [Acorn] Macaron 3pc -Berry

Ears: [Half Deer] Bear Ears

Hair: [Doux] Rain Hairstyle [S]

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