Hug your lil’ delinquent

Hug your Lil' delinquent

Here’s the second post for today. That’s right, today you get two posts where usually I only do one. I missed a day in my schedule earlier and so I have extra photos to share. It is also such a month for a variety of amazing creations from so many creators that if I don’t show you as much of it as I can it would be a sad thing indeed. I think I spent too much time editing this one but it was a nice relaxing time for me. I got to listen to fun YouTube vids while I worked.

In this image I can attest that we are simply up to no good, don’t let the innocent hugs fool you, nor the cute tilt of that head. We’re being bad and you might be the only one that can stop our reign of cute terror.



Hair: [C’est La Vie] Mimi Hair {@Mainstore}

Hoodie: [Cheezu] Sin hoodie {@Kustom9}

Tights: [Miwas] Waist #2 Mid Fishnet tights #Black – BoM {@Mainstore}

Tail: [Cheezu] heart devil tail (Legacy, Maitreya) *Kustom9 gift {@Kustom9}

Socks/shoes: [Sweet Thing] Pet Platforms (Isis, Freya, HG, Physique, Venus, Kemono) {@Mainstore}

Pet companion: [SEmotion] SEmotion Libellune Magic Cat #1 RARE {@Man Cave}

Pumpkin orange & black: [What Next] Jack O Lantern {@Mainstore}

Cauldron: [Cubic Cherry] Ornate cauldron BLACK {@Mainstore}

Frames and boxes clutter: [Disorderly] Lightly Rustic / Crates {@Mainstore}

Potted plants on steps: [Ionic] Apothecary Medicinal Herbs 3Li {@Mainstore}



*All above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Items denoted with an ‘*’ indicate purchases. The mesh body used in today’s post is the Maitreya Lara Petite combined with Genus Strange mesh head.


Supporting Cast

Backdrop: [Paleto] Zone 658 12Li

Boxes: [Ionic] ionic : A pile of cardboard boxes 6Li

Trolley: [Soy] Soy. Cardboard Box Cart

♡  Potted Herbs: [vespertine] garden herbs / chives

♡  box of herb bottles: [dust bunny] wiccan artistry . herb bottles 1Li

Pose: [NyaGore] Little Abigail




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