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Hows about some spice?

Cooking with Kuma; Hows about some spice?

How do you like your spice level? I love my spice medium to spicy. I want it just hot enough to be an enjoyable experience and not something I regret later. Would I put it in eggs, yes…yes I would.If I could eat anything right now at least. I have such a bad toothache that’s been bothering me for days. Today it seems to have levelled up. I’ve been told to go to the dentist but my fear of the dentist is still currently higher than my pain from the toothache. My wallet is scared too so I’m just going to keep dosing myself up with paracetamol and sleeping when it hurts too much. This will do till it doesn’t work anymore then I will re-evaluate.

Today’s post is featuring this really cute and adorable kitchen by KraftWork. In fact, it’s a KraftWork day decor wise. This kitchen could fit into even the smallest skybox. It fits into the corner and has little counter tables that lift and close on the sides. It’s the ultimate in space saving as well as being ridiculously low land impact. It would be perfect in Linden homes too. It’s got a little sink, changable tiles, counters and countertops. There’s even a fridge with an equally pretty selection of colours. I almost typed swatches like I’m talking about Sims or something.

Inworld shot – no overlays except for the camera overlay

I even added a rug to the ground because I have a habit of doing that. Everytime I build a kitchen in The Sims it has to have a rug. It feels weird without it. I’m a serial rug abuser. I stick them everywhere. Most especially in the living room and kitchens.

Inworld shots – no overlays

The fashion part of today’s post is from Sweet Thing with the cute kitty band and the adorably frilled dress by Le Fil Casse. The headband has two versions and I’m using the one without the effects. The one that does has this really pretty glow that brightens and fades softly. Too cute! The dress is available to grab at Uber right now and has three changable parts in the fatpack at least, The frills and the straps are a combined section and change together, the lace cups are also another section and the Lower half of the dress is another section. I love the way it finishes higher on the thigh on one side than it does on the other. It skirts right over the bum cheek. I’ve worn it with tights because you’ve definately got to wear tights with this, no? It makes the curve of the bottom even more deliectable.

Inworld shot – No more peeking, go away now it’s time to eats :3 (slight edit to add overlay and noise)

Moving on from bottoms all that’s left to really say is here come the credits. I hope to see you in the next post till then I’m going to try and get some rest and see if I can ake myself feel any better by the next time we meet. Bye for now and check out the credits below!



Headband: [Sweet Thing] Luna Headband (no effects) {@Mainstore}
Bangles: [Zaara] Shairi bangles (choodiya) L *fatpack* {@Mainstore}
Dress: [Le fil casse] Elliott Dress (Matreya, M.Petite, Freya, Legacy, L.Perky) {@Uber}


Fridge: [KraftWork] Single Door Refrigerator 7li {@Fameshed}
Basket 1 (on top of fridge): [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Herbs Basket (Gold) li {@Mainstore}
Basket 2 (on top of fridge): [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Books Basket (Gold) 1li {@Mainstore}
Kitchenette: [KraftWork] Mini Boho Kitchen . Left 5li {@Anthem}
Flat hob: [KraftWork] Modular Cooktop . Tepan (Basics) 1li {@Uber}
Single hob: [KraftWork] Modular Cooktop . Gas Single (Basics) 2li {@Uber}
Double hob: [KraftWork] Modular Cooktop . Gas Double (Basics) 2li {@Uber}

Items on counter…
♡ [KraftWork] Iron Pans . Frying Pan Full 1li {@Uber}
♡ [KraftWork] Iron Pans . Short Half Opened Casserole 1li {@Uber}
♡ [KraftWork] Iron Pans . Frying Pan Closed 1li {@Uber}
♡ [KraftWork] Rolling Pins . Clutter Natural 2li {@Mainstore}
♡ [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Mint li {@Mainstore}
♡ [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Can Food Pile 1 (Gold) 2li {@Mainstore}
♡ [KraftWork] Rolling Pins . Basket Natural 1li {@Mainstore}
♡ [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Coffee Mugs (Gold) 1li {@Mainstore}
♡ [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Soup Plates (Gold) 1li {@Mainstore}

Items on shelf…
♡ [KraftWork] Iron Pans . Tall Covered Casserole 1li {@Uber}
♡ [KraftWork] Iron Pans . Frying Pan Closed 1li {@Uber}
♡ [KraftWork] Iron Pans . Frying Pan Open 1li {@Uber}
♡ [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Quinoa 1li {@Mainstore}
♡ [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Thyme 1li {@Mainstore}
♡ [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Spaghetti 1li {@Mainstore}
♡ [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Gluten Free Cereal (Dark) 1li {@Mainstore}
♡ [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Paper Towel Basket (Silver) 1li {@Mainstore}
♡ [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Rice 1li {@Mainstore}
♡ [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Wheat 1li {@Mainstore}

Rug: [KraftWork] Runner Rugs . Native 7 (fringes) 4li (2 used) {@Mainstore}
Held box of paprika: [KraftWork] Kitchen Clutter . Paprika 1li *rezzed, resized and positioned* {@Mainstore}
Recipie book stand: [What Next] Country Kitchen Cookbook 1li *resized* {@Mainstore}
Recipie frame: [What Next] Gingerbread Illustrated Recipe Framed – Wall 1li {@Mainstore}
Spoon held: [Kotte] food – set A – spoon w/pose (right hand) {@Mainstore}

*All above-listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Mesh body used is the Maitreya Lara Petite combined with Lelutka Ryn.

Supporting Cast

Washing machines used: [dust bunny] laundry room cabinets . washing machines 9li *unlinked from counter
Build used: [Scarlet Creative] Great Elm Cottage 121li
Hair: [Doux] Rain
Tights: [Nylon Outfitters] Fall Tights – ripped light (bom)

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