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Hidden treasures

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Today’s post is a home and decor post. In truth I had set it up over the weekend. This Saturday past to be specific and had a wonderful blurb I had wanted to write with it.

Yet that was on Saturday. I was still full of the richness of life that comes with the knowledge that it is the weekend and time seems to extend before you in a wealth of tempting things to do, see and enjoy.

It is now Monday and I am aggrieved to tell you that I’ve been burnt out. I simply want nought but to lay down and rest my poor battered brain. It was such a stressful day. I felt like I barely woke up most the day having been unable to get to sleep worrying about the fact that today was Monday.

I have a theory why Mondays are such terrible days. It’s because they start on Sunday. In the morning you wake up and realise today is the last day of the week. Best to enjoy and cram in all you can. Then the evening is upon you and you realise there’s no turning back now. You’re locked in. You simply MUST get to sleep on time so you are not tired the next day. The worry of knowing you must sleep on time keeps you up till midnight. Then when you do get harangued from bed by the incessant call of the alarm clock you roll out feeling much worse for wear.

Then you prepare having somehow forgotten the very meaning of planning your time properly and manage to get caught of guard when the time is further ahead than your current attire…or lack there of.

Then you beat the traffic, get into work and then proceed to be harangued further by constant demands on your time and reminded of how you are just not fast enough. All this despite you working at full pelt and working through your break.

I am home now and I am simply burnt out. I couldn’t come up with a great blog post if I tried. So please just enjoy the exquisite beauty that are all these furniture items all together in a post. Sometimes I think without decorating I might go insane. Looking at this image now reminds me of the weekend when I didn’t feel so worn and my headache lessens it’s hold a fraction.

For every creator that was kind enough to provide a blog copy of their incredible work, I am forever thankful for the moments of joy I had in being able to decorate with them.

I am now going to follow with the credits and hope you all have an amazing wind down to your long…very long SunMonDay.



The following items are available at The Arcade – October pop up round (they are all gacha items)

♡  Ceiling lights: [Contrast] – Norton ceiling lamp 9 3li

Abstract art canvas: [Contrast] – Norton Frame B 3 1li

Skeletal image canvas: [Contrast] – Norton Frame A 2 1li

Wall Lamp: [Contrast]- Norton Wall Lamp 7 4li

Skull: [Contrast] – Norton Skull 10 2li

Mini cabinet: [Merak] – Potions Storage 4li

Broom: [Merak] – Reused Broom 3li

Table with drawers: [Merak] – Apothecary Table 4li

Skeleton skull lamp: 08 -[ DaD] – Spooktacular Steampunk- Skull Lamp Frame m/c 2li

Dark Pumpkins (ground): 10 [Fancy Decor] Capricorn Pumpkin 1li ; 05 [Fancy Decor] Gemini Pumpkin 1li ; 02 [Fancy Decor] Aries Pumpkin

Dark Pumpkin on trunk: 02 [Fancy Decor] Aries Pumpkin 1li

Metal tea cups: 06 -[ DaD] – Spooktacular Steampunk- Pumpkin cup bronze m/c l1i

Book pile with necklace box: [Merak] – Powerful Treasures 2li

Steampunk skull: 12 -[ DaD]- Spooktacular Steampunk- Miss Skull m/c 3li

Rug under chair: [Contrast]  – Norton Rug B 5 1li



The following items are by Fancy Decor and available at various locations listed below.

Mirror: [Fancy Decor] Royer Mirror 2li  @Collabor88

Bowl of Red roses: [Fancy Decor] Royer Roses – red @Collabor88

Chair: [Fancy Decor] Giovanni Sofa Bench – White (adult) 7li @uber (soon to return to mainstore)


The following items are by What Next and available at the Mainstore.

Spiced foamy latte drinks: {what next} Pumpkin Spice Latte Tray (plain) 2li @Mainstore


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 


Supporting Cast

Scarlet Creative Prairie Blue Cottage 136li

Knits and book: dust bunny . cider sunsets . sweater weather

pot: dust bunny . cider sunsets . homemade cider

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