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Hello Kitty Kat

Hello Kitty Kat

Bear’s room much like mine is a mess almost all of the time. I believe that since I pull the strings she can not help but be like me in my messiness. This unfortunately means that we are both always caught unawares when people come to visit. I am perfectly happy to exist in my ordered mess like some sort of nesting bird. However, as soon as someone calls up and says they are popping round (usually family) there is a mad dash to clean everything up into something that won’t offend polite society. So up comes that bra on the floor, the panties hanging on the bed post, the manga pile haphazardly piled next to the bed.

Lets be fair to call it a pile is ridiculous. It’s more like a spilled stairway to the ground and beyond. The bears get pulled back onto the bed. The lounging clothes come off and something other than jogging pants or comfy pyjamas go on. The pile of clothes gets bodily picked up and thrown into the bottom of the wardrobe and laundry bags etc get the idea.

So before you decide to pop round to visit us next time please warn us in advance, you might get baked brownies out of the thing. We are almost most domesticated when people come round. Ever the domestic goddess, at least that’s the idea we would like to leave you with.

One of the few things I can say I don’t share with my virtual doll is this really cute Hello Kitty outfit. I wish I had one. I have almost all else. I say almost because my collection has only covered make up brushes, pedicure set, dinning set and pencil colours. In the UK it isn’t as easy I don’t think to collect Hello Kitty things as much as I love them. I do have a keyboard. Yes, a Hello Kitty keyboard but that had to come from Japan. I am still eager to collect more items but there are only so many things I can collect.

I already collect tea sets after all and bear related things…and sailor moon related things. It’s so tough having loves. First world problems. You know what though? you’re still able to get a Hello Kitty fix in-world till the 15th. If you haven’t been go gawk at the place and get a taste of how much love and attention went into the place. I really like it. It’s such a shame it has to go away soon. So visit it, take pictures and make memories before it’s gone.

Oh and don’t forget to grab a souvenir to remember the day. The go carts look like hella fun.



Head band: [Astralia] Astralia x Hello Kitty – 45th anniversary ribbon headband @Hello Kitty Anniversary

Top: [Astralia] Astralia x Hello Kitty – Anniversary collection (Sweater) (Maitreya, Legacy, Freya) @Hello Kitty Anniversary

♡ Trousers: Astralia x Hello Kitty – Anniversary collection (Leggings) (Maitreya, Legacy, Freya) @Hello Kitty Anniversary

Biscuit in mouth: [MishMish] – Bunny Cookie Mouthie / Pink @Mainstore

Bear: [MishMish] – Teddy Bear – Stance A / Latte 1li @Mainstore

Unicorn: [MishMish] – Unicorn Deco – Candy / sitting 1li @Mainstore

Bed: [Lagom] 15. Lagom – Festival Dorm [ Bed White PG ] RARE 5li @Mainstore

Cupboard: [Lagom] 11. Lagom – Festival Dorm [ Dresser ] 1li @Mainstore 

Cup on top of Cupboard: [Lagom] – Spring Rose – [Cup]#10 2li @Mainstore

Sofa: [Lagom] 05. Lagom – Festival Dorm [ Sofa Blue Adult ] 10li @Mainstore

Rug: [Lagom] 01. Lagom – Festival Dorm [ Rug ] 3li @Mainstore 

Laundry bags: [Lagom] 02. Lagom – Festival Dorm [ Laundry Bins ]  5li @Mainstore

Pile of clothes (foreground): 08. Lagom – Festival Dorm [ T-shirt Stripes ] 1li @Mainstore

Pile of clothes (Behind little bear): 09. Lagom – Festival Dorm [ T-shirt BunnyCode ] 1li @Mainstore


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**Mesh body used in today’s post is the Legacy body combined with the genus mesh head (baby).


Supporting Cast

Pictures on wall: [ zerkalo ] Dreamer’s Room Gacha – Wall Frames 3li

Food item: [.random.Matter.] – Snack Haul – Banana Flavor 1li

Bra clutter: [Half Deer] Lingerie Clutter – Pink – Hanging (Bra) 1li

Pose : [Foxcity] Sits Vol 2 – 1 fatpack exclusive

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