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Have you met my little kitty

Have you met my little kitty

Today’s blog title made me chuckle because there’s a lot more going on than just the cute adorable kitty, the one nuzzling up to my avatar with it’s big beautiful eyes. Looking so goshly innocent in such a weighty environment.

Do you know the adorable darling is from Limit8? He is part of the gacha by SEmotion and Libellune. However he is the limited version available for purchase separate from the gacha. I love that even as he attaches to my avatar he walks along side me in the cutest way and I can even move him further out if I want to have him not so close to my heels. His eyes are so large and luminously shiny and that adorable tilt he keeps doing with his head is mind-meltingly cute. I do advise against rezzing him on the land though I did try that and he near sucked up all my prims greedy little kitty, he’s so hungry! He is best kept next to you and is meant to be an attachable pet. Besides if you don’t attach him you’ll miss out on that cute waddle walk.

I spent such a stupid amount of time just walking round my platform just to watch that walk while alternating between giggles and silly grins.

I love my outfit for this post. It’s completely different to my normal way of dressing but I think by now you’ve gathered, that I sometimes like to try looks that I would not normally wear. This is never more so than with my blog posts. The lingerie is by Sorumin and it is at the Kinky Event.

I’ve accessorised with a necklace and earring set by Asteroid box and also some items from CX. I love the necklace, it comes with a HUD to change the colour of not just the band but also the spikes. You can change each layer individually too. I however made it all gold rather than the middle chain silver like I had originally thought to.

The majority of the whole background features items mainly from Asteroid Box’s gacha set at the Epiphany. Bet you played for it already too. Wondering what to do with all your loot? Make a fun bloody scene like this, totally do it. It was fun.

The bandages on the hand are by Kotte. If you remember I blogged them previously. Well here they are again just to show you just how versatile they are. I played round with the HUD some more and voila, the perfect addition to the scene complete with bloody bandage option. I used the cream/beige coloured bandages with the blood option.

I also added some items from Madras that really went with the scene of this photo, that tattoo remove made me chuckle from the first time I saw it but I hadn’t yet thought of a scene i could use it. Chug some whiskey from the wall mounted dispenser and bring out the tattoo remove. You won’t feel a thing…till later of course. Once you’re out of the alcohol induced haze.

To brighten things up a little and add some life to a scene where things hurt too much I’ve got these lovely plants from Mithral which is at Soiree. I love that there are so many nice options for plants and I’ve been a little in love with collecting ones from these store. You can never have too many plants, specially not when they are very nicely made.

Lets get you all on to the credits.




Clothing items

Earrings: [Asteroid Box] Billi Jewelry – Earrings @Mainstore

Necklace: [Asteroid Box] Billi Jewelry – Necklace @Mainstore

Lingerie: [Sorumin] Talking underwear (Maitreya only) @Kinky Event

Hand Bandages/gloves: [Kotte] hand bandages (maitreya, gianni) @Mainstore(for female) @TMD(for male version)

Adorable kitty: [Semotion Libellune] Sweet Kitten LIMITED @Limit8


Scenery items

items from the Darling I’m a Mess gacha by [Asteroid Box @ THE EPIPHANY] will be listed together first, then I will list the items that are not part of the gacha to make it easier to go through.


AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – Bloody Rug 1li

AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – Record Player – Black  2li

AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – Record Player – Red 2li

AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – Dirty Dishes 1li

AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – No Signal TV (exclusive) 2li

AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – Damaged TV  2li

AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – Table 2li

AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – Table Lamp 1li

AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – Stool 2li

AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – Pin Board w/o Knives 2li

AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – Pin Board w Knives 3li

AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – Picture Frame 1li

AsteroidBox. Darling, I’m A Mess – Bonus Knife 1li (this is the one i have place in the hand)

…end of gacha list.


Plant in basket: [Mithral] Calathea Rattlesnake (Copper Pot) 1li @Soiree

Basket: [Mithral] Basket Plant Stand (Dark Wood) 2li @Soiree

Potted plant: [Mithral] Calathea Zebrina (Copper Pot) 1li @Soiree


Tattoo Remover: [Madras] Tattoo Remover Wall Decor 1li @Mainstore

Whiskey wall mounted: [Madras] Whiskey Wall Decor 2li @Mainstore


Skulls under table: [Refuge] Crystal Skull Black 2li each @Mainstore



Supporting Cast


Hair: [Doux] Emerald Hairstyle

Forehead tattoo: [Cureless] Kasha Markings – Omega applier (group gift)

Neck/chest tatoo: [Cureless] Dog Bites – Omega applier (group gift)

Waist chain: [CX] Mucronate Chains  (gold (worn), Onyx, Silver) (Maitreya & Hg)

Leg wraps: [CX] Legwraps – Leather ( Maitreya, Freya, Isis, HG )

Scene was set in: [Minimal]The Hideout -skybox- 51li

curious what skin I’m using? it’s Ha eun by Boataom


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