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Grave Night

Generally I’m not the best with landscaping, at least I don’t think I am. However, I was still really happy with the way this set came out. I wanted something that looked like a scary halloween set for taking pictures in and I believe I got that. My bar wasn’t set high at all. It was set pretty low so the ending made me feel quite happy indeed.

It had the intrigue I wanted as well as managing to get everything into shot too. I even like the little scary girl. I mean if I saw a little girl in a cemetry, skulking alone through the gravestones at night time? I would freak out. Then again, why would I be crazy enough to be in a cementry at night. I have not taken leave of my senses. I liked adding the touch of the skulls and the spell book and cauldron because shenannigans were going on in this place. I probably shouldn’t say too much…then again it’s probably too late for you to leave now.



Fencing: [Pitaya] Lost Graveyard – Fence 3 Li per section {@Salem}

Pillar: [Pitaya] Lost Graveyard – Post 1Li per post {@Salem}

Hooded statue: [Pitaya] Lost Graveyard – Your time Statue RARE 8LI {@Salem}

Cross grave stone: [Pitaya] Lost Graveyard – Stonegrave Crest 1Li {@Salem}

Rectanglular tombstone (behind girl): [Pitaya] Lost Graveyard – Stonegrave Someone 1LI {@Salem}

Pillar shape tombstone: [Echo] Ophelia – Tombstone Pack 5 – Whet Bonner – Overgrown 1LI {@Salem}

Circular cut cross tombstone (behind pumpkin lantern): [Echo] Ophelia – Tombstone Pack 1 – Fredo Heights – Overgrown 2Li {@Salem}

Spooky Girl: [Balaclava] Friday (A) 5LI – rez/decor 5Li {@Salem}

Hanging pumpkin light: [Fancy Decor] Pumpkin Garden Light – orange 1Li {@Salem}


Pile of stones with candles, skulls and more: [DRD] Forest Ritual Site – Altar 7Li {@Salem}

Stone with spell book & candle: [DRD] Forest Ritual Site – SpellBook 3Li {@Salem}

Cauldron: [DRD] Forest Ritual Site – Cauldron 6Li {@Salem}

Tree stump:  [DRD] Forest Ritual Site – Treestump 2Li {@Salem}


Magic circle: [*SR*] moving magic circle : stand all spin 12li {@Sanarae}


Red flower grass in foreground: [Harshlands] Animated Cornflower Clumps – Bloddflowers 2li per section {@Sanarae}

Pink flower grass in background: [Harshlands] Animated Cornflower Clumps – Magenta {@Sanarae}

Green animated grass: [Harshlands] Animated Meadow Grass – Lifeless 1Li per section {@Sanarae}

Brown/reddish grass: [Harshlands] Animated Grass Clumps – Withering 1Li per section {@Sanarae}


Supporting Cast

Dirt path: [HPMD] Dirt Road/curve – light brown

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