Glitter Girl

Glitter Girl


Hi guys, how was your bank holiday weekend for those of you in the UK? Mine was blisteringly hot. I am ashamed to say I was one of those people whining about how hot it was. In my defence however I was ill as well. Heat, sweat and being ill do not mix well at all.  It wasn’t just the illness that contributed to my lack of appetite and nausea, I feel like the heat contributed to it too. It is also not very kind to pounding headaches either. I was not a happy bear.

However the heat has tempered down a fraction (a tiny fraction) I could still heat up a bucket of water just by sticking my legs in them, I swear it!

Enough about the weather, it makes me think of something someone once said about how the British always talked non stop about the weather. It’s the one thing you can use to spark up a conversation with any British person. I am beginning to see how true it is. I am still debating if I should feel bad about conforming to a stereotype or if I should simply laugh and embrace it.

Today’s post is all about glitter and sparkle because who doesn’t like a bit of bling…right? While we are at it lets just go all out and make all magpies everywhere completely covetous. Sparkle and shine like an absolute diamond with these amazingly fun shoes by EQUAL. They actually sparkle. No word of a lie. Don’t believe me? go get a pair. They are at Collabor88. Prepare to be dazzled and if you don’t want to sparkle? well you can turn it off too.

Then proceed to enhance your avatars gorgeous face with pretty face jewellery…more bling. If people haven’t complimented you on your sparkling-ness you simply must stop hiding behind that wall. Completely knock them dead with this gorgeous lingerie by Glitzz and I do not believe you would want to hide behind the wall any longer. I mean…the lingerie has a lovely big ribbon either side. I’m screaming just thinking about it. What is better than a ribbon girls? only a bigger ribbon! Gosh I love ribbons.




The following listed items are from Collabor88‘s current round

 Lingerie: [Glitzz] Lauren Lingerie (made up of three pieces. available for Legacy, Freya, HG, Maitreya) @Collabor88

♡  Shoes: [EQUAL] Kendra Platform (available for Slink, Legacy, Belleza, Maitreya) @Collabor88

Nose/ear jewelry: [Random Matter] Vela Nose Chain (comes with HUD) @Collabor88

Falling Glitter: [Keke] Waterfall Glitter – White


*all above listed items were kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**The mesh body used in today’s post is the TMP Legacy body. For posts with particular mesh bodies simply search the related tags


Supporting Cast


Hair: [Sintiklia] Yuki Hair

Buns: [Sintiklia] Bun 5

Skin: [Boataom] Popo (genus) – being used with a lipgloss on top

Pose: [Belle Poses] Khateryn

Backdrop: [STUD INC.] – Cubic Backdrop [WHITE] 7li


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