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Gingerbread, Music and Gift Wrapping

Gingerbread, Music and Gift Wrapping

Today we are wrapping up presents. Bear suggests popping on some good Christmas tunes using earphones preferably. Another good suggestion is to have some good snackables. Please make sure your gingerbread isn’t alive when you chew on it. It’s also nice to have some help if you can afford to have it and it doesn’t spoil the surprises. A new bear is helping her today. I’ve decided to call her Sprinkles. Naturally because of the lovely sprinkles on top of her head. Is she adorable or what.

I did some of my wrapping yesterday. Mainly for presents at work since I will soon be off for my holidays. I’ve also done some earlier and hidden them to sneak under the tree at the correct time. I do still have more to get done though.

How is your Christmas wrapping coming along? are you one of those always ready a month a head sort of people or just on track…or maybe you’re an always late for Christmas-er. I’m usually the third option however this year? I’m the second. The ‘just on track’. I’m chugging along at a good enough pace that I won’t be late but I won’t be early either.

In my experience of talking about Christmas (it does come every 12th month every year) I’ve found that most people hate wrapping presents. I’m in the ‘I LOVE WRAPPING PRESENTS’ camp. Wrapping presents is one of the most fun things I get to do at Christmas.



Top: [Offline] offline. Halo!_Look (Maitreya) Ivory @Equal10

Panties: [Vincue] Bellie Undie – Maitreya @Mainstore

Tree decorations: [Fancy Decor] Noir Tree Decorations gacha @The Arcade

items from this gacha that have been used in the image are as follows…

Gingerbread man:  [Pity Party] Gingerbread Man {Attach Me} @Epiphany

Gingerbread cookie in mouth: [Pity Party] Mouth Cookie {Attach} @Epiphany

Bear: {Momoko} Fluffy Winter Sugar Cookie Bear (3li if rezzed) @Epiphany

Sofa: [Fancy Decor] Faline Sofa – White (adult) 7li @Mainstore


*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**mesh body used is the Legacy female mesh body. Skin is by The Skinnery.


Supporting Cast

Hair: [Doux] Mineko Hairstyle

Bangs: [Stealthic] Bangs (Hime B)

Headphones: [Soy] TAPEMAN II – Headphone [Sand]

Cassette player: [Soy] TAPEMAN II Sports [Sand]

Sellotape dispenser: [Acorn] Sticky Tape Dispenser 1li

Presents: [Dust Bunny] christmas presents

Magazine: [Tres Blah] -tres blah- Hodgepodge – Morning Start 1 *gacha item
























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