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Gardening refuge

Gardening refuge

Sometimes I wish I was a lot more green fingered than I actually am. I find the very act of gardening and planting things with the hope of them growing to be fun and relaxing. It’s the after care I’m not so good at…


gardening refuge CLOSE




Items from Refuge’s Green Thumb Gacha available at SHINY SHABBY

(the items from this gacha are also available as a purchasable copy fatpack. So if you don’t want to play the luck of the draw game you can simply buy the whole set.)


Refuge – Green Thumb Factory Light Red 3li

Refuge – Green Thumb Factory Light Blue 3li

Refuge – Green Thumb Factory Light White 3li

Refuge – Green Thumb Watering Can 1li

Refuge – Green Thumb Mister 1li

Refuge – Green Thumb Crate Planter 1li

Refuge – Green Thumb Table 3li

Refuge – Green Thumb Planter and Spade 2li

Refuge – Green Thumb Plant Something Box 1li

Refuge – Green Thumb Seed Packets 2li

Refuge – Green Thumb Industrial Chair RARE 3li

Refuge – Green Thumb Seeds Box 1li

Refuge – Green Thumb Soil Bag 1li

Refuge – Green Thumb Planters Empty 1li


Items from Keke’s Mainstore

These items are available at Keke’s mainstore for immediate purchase. The Greenhouse has other colour available however there’s something really pretty about the dark one.


Greenhouse: [ keke ] old garden greenhouse . dark 30li

Plants inside green house 1: [ keke ] big garden planter . orange 5li

Plants inside green house 2: [ keke ] big garden planter . blue

Potted plant in grass: [ keke ] big garden planter . blue 5li





Supporting Cast


Plant to left of image: hive // potted plants . cordyline tree 4li

Vase of flowers on ground: West Village Billy Ball Stems 3li

Potted basil on ground & on ladder step: West Village Live Basil w/ Terracotta Pot 1li each

Glass vase plant on table: West Village Ginkgo Branches 2li

Potted herbs on table: vespertine – garden herbs / chives 1li

Ladder: Apple Fall Antique Ladders w/ Heart String 3li

Plant further down the garden: Apple Fall Aspidistra in Wicker Planter 5li

Fence: Apple Fall Hartley Fencing Short, Wide – Wood 1li each piece (3 used)


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