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Games in the snow

Games in the Snow


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This is something that is fun to do at Christmas time too. That’s right, for one day only in Winter, around the Christmas period. Something miraculous happens and I will venture into snow and build snow men or run around in the falling snow, or stick my tongue out and try to catch all the snowflakes.

Once. That’s it.

However, it hasn’t snowed a wit here. It’s not even ridiculously cold. It was colder in the early part of the month. Today was sunny and even slightly warm, so I’m going to guess this isn’t going to be a White Christmas. Unless of course Santa brings it with him as he rides over. I think it might be fun being kept for January just to screw us all over and make returning to work that much more difficult than it need be.

In the virtual world however? well it’s okay. We can make snow! Here’s your snow. We even have a cute little snowman and wee little piggies dressed in cute jumpers. What more do you need?

Boots! of course. Fluffy, adorable, cute little boots (that are totally not meant for walking out in the snow with but are too cute to ever remove from my avatar’s feet ever) courtesy of the Astralia x Hello Kitty advent calendar. This was the item from the last day. I loved it so much that I did a little dancing video. It is the feeling you get when you’ve got shoes you love. You do the happy dance.

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How is your Christmas coming along? I’m about to fall into that black out hole that is the period of the 24th to the 25th. I can’t promise a time table and I don’t know if I will get to post a picture for the blog. I shall try nevertheless but chances are I’ll be lost to cooking and a food coma. I don’t like the interacting part. It’s cringe. Everyone who hasn’t seen you in a long time gets to see you make snap judgements, take unwanted photos of you all while you have to sit up straight, not eat in front of the TV, be on your best behaviour and not belch or scratch your bum. I’m going to be a proper lady for one whole, entire day.

I should however be back after it so keep an eye out! Till then enjoy the video and enjoy the post.



Headband: [kotte] sparkle – tinsel headband A – silver @The Arcade

Scarf: [C’est la vie] Ugo Muffler – Group Gift (unrigged with HUD and over 20 colours) @Mainstore

Top: [On-line] Mongle Look (pastel) @Equal10

Boots: [Astralia x Hello Kitty] MyMelody (all bodies) Day 22nd Dec (order Calendar on Marketplace)

Pose: [Requeeca] ** Pose HUD 02 @Okinawa winter festival

Snowman: [SEmotion] Party Snowman #2 RARE (he dances too!) @The Epiphany

Piglets (brown top): [Schadenfreude] Deer Sweater Piglet 1li @Okinawa winter festival

Piglets (green top): [Schadenfreude]Rudolph Sweater Piglet RARE 1li @Okinawa winter festival

Piglets (Blue top- on top of igloo): [Schadenfreude]Blue Snowflake Sweater Piglet 1li @Okinawa winter festival

Piglets (Red & black stripe top): [Schadenfreude]Red Stripe Sweater Piglet 1li @Okinawa winter festival

Piglets (hiding in the igloo): [Schadenfreude]Blue Stripe Sweater Piglet 1li @Okinawa winter festival

Igloo: {what next}Nordic Igloo 22li *gacha item @Mainstore

Sled with drinks: [What Next] Wintertime Hot Cocoa (3li) and {what next} Wintertime Sled Server 2li @Mainstore

Joy stool: [Disorderly]  Pastel Holiday / Step Ladder 1li @Mainstore

Lantern with baubles: [Disorderly] / Pastel Holiday / Lantern 1li @Mainstore

Urn full of baubles: [Disorderly] / Pastel Holiday / Urn 1li @Mainstore

Pot full of baubles: [Disorderly]  / Pastel Holiday / Pots @Mainstore

Cocoa in penguin cup on red napkin: {what next} Wintertime Mug Decor 1li  @Mainstore

Plate of biscuits: {what next} Wintertime Cookies 1li @Mainstore

Plate of snowmen floats: {what next} Wintertime Snowman Marshmallow Floats 1li @Mainstore


Supporting Cast

Trees: *alirium* tiny forest : frozen 5li

Snow rocks: NOMAD // Snow Rock B 1li each





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