I got another collaboration with Shy!

This time we’re at an amusement park, can you tell. It’s a fun sunny day and I like how it came out. It seems like such a natural image. For the items that Shy is featuring with her avatar you will have to visit her post. However I will provide the link below.

I am actually glad to be getting to put this up today even though we took it a couple days back because the weather on the way home was atrocious. I got so wet and seeing the bright warmth of the picture makes me smile.

If you are wondering, then the answer is yes. Yes I’ve thrown the wet clothes into the washing machine, yes the heating is now on, yes I wish I had a car to drive instead and knew how. As for your last question…soon. Soon I will be bundled up with a warm drink and my tablet to play some games. Then I might get over the trauma that was the journey home. On weeks of continuous rain like this? I really do envy people who own cars.

On a much more fun, non wet note, lets head on to the credits for the items my avatar is wearing.


friendsies flickr-CLOSE UP.png




Necklace: [Yummy] Solar System Necklace @Collabor88

Top/Dress: [Sorumin] Beach Dress @ (Fatpack can be changed with hud between dress or top) – Maitreya Only @Cosmopolitan

Shorts: [Sorumin] Floral Set – Shorts – Maitreya only @Mainstore

Nails: [Pure Poison] Space Nails (Maitreya, Slink) @Collabor88

Rings: [Pure Poison] Space Rings (Maitreya, Slink) @Collabor88

Skin: [Mudskin] BONG YI # 4_104 @The Arcade


*All items listed above have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**post made using the maitreya mesh body and genus mesh head




Supporting Cast


Lipgloss: [Pepe Skins] Slippery Lolly lipgloss

Blush: [Boataom] Brush & Freckle Genus Applier

Drink: [Reign]Rainbow Drink (static)

Hair: [Doux] Angelica Hairstyle


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