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Friends in dark places

Friends in dark places

Hi everybody, I think for the first time this week I am feeling a little less haranged. It isn’t necessarily that I have a reason to, there is still so much to do but I have decided not to worry about the things I can’t sort out right now, do the things I can do if I can and then take the rest of the time to relax. It is harder than it sounds but I think I managed to fall into a relaxing pocket of time where in which my ‘ah well’ actually worked. I should bottle the moment and sell it.

It’s just thrown it down outside and it is wet and dark but on my virtual platform it is clear skies for miles. I love it. Yesterday I must have decided that it was too sunny however because I did this picture and it’s all darkness. The darkness is down to the skydome backdrop I used. I love it. I think the only thing that could make this better is if I could some how fit a wee house in it. The backdrop is by Bad Unicorn and it is currently at Collabor88. It has a foggy version and that’s the one I used. I wanted atmosphere. I love how it feels like it goes on forever. I have to admit, it was bigger than I was expecting it to be and it engulfed my tiny platform but it was so cool I could only go ‘wow’ in wonderment.

I filled this environment full of these amazing creatures that just look so good I fell in love with them. I think even with just these creatures in this backdrop the picture would have been amazing. Yet, I wanted my avatar to be in it too. Look at the googles, look at them and take a look at my cool outfit. I believe my avatar is looking way too cool to be left out of the picture. I feel like I’m the owner of super cool raptors and we’re about to go running through the forest soon. That’s what we do, we run in a cool and deeply evocative way through the forest.

These creatures are from Okinawa and again if you haven’t gone yet, I’m doing my best to tempt you all the way up until the close date. That date is soon and you want to be prepared for all hallows night, so get your shopping baskets and hop to it. Grab the outfit while your at it too and lets run through forests together, I’m going to need you to practice your intense smoulder in one…two…three!




Hair: [Exile] Lesha {@Collabor88}

Goggles: [Cubic Cherry] GoogleZ Black {@Mainstore}

Ears: [Cheezu] Kira Mesh Ears {@Okinawa – Panic of the Pumpkin}

Outfit: [AsteriodBox] Riley Outfit (Maitreya, Legacy, Hourglass, Freya, L.Perky, M.Petite, V-Tech) {@Necrotize}

Tights: [Miwas] Mid Fishnet tights Black (Bom) {@Mainstore}

Pose: [Nya.Gore] Your Sun 03 {@Salem}



Orbs: [Taikou] Floating Censer (Fire, Dark, Ice, Nature) *available in wearable and decor {@Okinawa – Panic of the Pumpkin}

Creatures: [Maru Kado] Skull Head Fox {@Okinawa – Panic of the Pumpkin}

Backdrop: [Bad Unicorn] Freetown forest Backdrop {@Collabor88}


*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. Mesh body used is the Maitreya Petite. Mesh head used is the Genus Strange.

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