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Today’s title is inspired by how the scene makes me feel, it is bright and feel like a morning. The mountains and the water outside make me think that if I were to open the window it would just smell of sea and vegetation. I like that feeling, so I’m going with the title.

Today’s home and garden is by Ionic. It features items from the new set at Equal10 and also a few of my favourate items from past gachas too. I felt they all worked very well together but then that is the beauty of items from Ionic’s gachas. They tend to work very well with each other that sometimes you would be hard pressed to guess that they are from different gachas.

Even though we ended up with an extra sink I really like that. There’s never enough sinks. It’s like being spoilt.



The following items are from Ionic’s At Home gacha set available at Equal10

Build: [Ionic] I stay home 11li

Room Divider: [Ionic] Room divider 1li

Computer table: [Ionic] Time to call the loved ones (click screen to change) 4li

Incense burner: [Ionic] Palo santo : B 2li

Chair red: [Ionic] Spring chair (red, white,black) 2li

Chair Pink: [Ionic] Spring chair (coral, turquoise,orange) 2li

Dumbells: [Ionic] Time to exercise! 3li

Sofa: [Ionic] Time to relax (sofa) 7li

Lemon tart, utensils and lemons: [Ionic] Time for Lemon cake! 4li

Carrot cake and carrots: [Ionic] Time for something yummy! 6li

Tool box: [Ionic] Time to re-build 4li

Picture frames: [Ionic] Spring will come (frames) 2li


The following items are available from the Ionic Mainstore and their respective gacha sets. 

Pot rack (behind computer and divider): [Ionic]  Hanging casseroles 3li (From Northern Life gacha)

Kitchenette area: [Ionic] My Kitchen 17li (from My Kitchen gacha)

Dish drainer: [Ionic] Dish drainer 7li (From Stories from the City gacha)

Paper bag and apples: [Ionic] Groceries , apples and water 9li (From Stories from the City gacha)

L shaped sink and counter: [Ionic] Marble & Wood Kitchen 3li (From Stories from the City gacha)

Cutting board set: [Ionic] Kitchen stuff 4li (From Nordic Life Gacha)


Items in scene available from What Next’s mainstore…

Center table: {what next} Camber Coffee Table 3li


*the above listed items have been generously provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 

Supporting Cast

Curtain: 3.DRD LN curtain 1 (poofed) 7li *gacha item

Rug: [DDD] Furry Rugs – Low LOD 1li

Cheese plant: [Hive] potted plants . swiss cheese plant . pot a 6li

Palm plant: [Hive] potted fan palm plant 3li

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