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I’ve been ill since Friday. I’ve been mostly in bed or stuck to the computer trying to make pictures but failing miserably because I just didn’t have the energy to stay upright. It always does seem like way too much effort to do anything when you just don’t feel well enough to care about much. In this way, my weekend passed me by and I felt deprived of one. I barely noticed or recall much. I smelt nothing and I ached all over. In fact much of all I felt was an all body ache centred around the middle of my head and sinuses.

Today I’m starting to smell things again. It’s that really strange smell that smells like ‘burnt’. Everything smells of this smell, nothing smells right. It smells just enough to let you know it has a smell because you can feel it. It’s smacking itself against the closed doors of your stunted smelling senses. Yet you can’t recognise one smell from another. I miss the smell of things, like clean linen and like the fresh air through the window. Perfumes, foods and even just body lotions.

I have been out and gotten myself a little dose of fresh air. I think it might have been good for me. It’s left a little chill on the back of my neck though but overall I feel somewhat refreshed. That feeling when it touches your flushed cheeks is so nice. Open the door and invite the fresh air in for a little bit, it’ll do wonders. You’ll see.

Just like I feel good inside when I view this environment in the image. Could I just harp on for like…an hour about how I love yummy texturing. Everything is so pretty and it all says ‘touch me’. Don’t touch me, I may give you the lurgy with all my contagions. I was referring to the items featured in today’s post. Touch them, touch them all. Hug them too, I’m sure they won’t mind. It’s perfectly natural behaviour when you see pretty items.



Items from Keke’s Zen Collection available at Fameshed from 1st of Feb

Table: [ keke ] zen sofa table w glass . brown

Plant on table: [ keke ] zen gingko plant 1 1li

Blinds: [ keke ] zen clickable roller curtain . fog  1li

Tray with 3 plants and can: [ keke ] zen weeds 2li

Crystal balls: [ keke ] zen orbuculum sphere (gold & silver pictured) 2li each

Picture frames: [ keke ] zen frames . dark 1li

Standing Lamp: [ keke ] zen firefly lamp . gold 1li


Available from Mainstore…

Chair: [ keke ] tea chair . black stripe 1li


Items from Fancy Decor’s Thorne Collection available at Soiree

Console/dresser: [Fancy Decor] Thorne Console

Mirror: [Fancy Decor] Thorne Mirror 2li

Table lamp: [Fancy Decor] Thorne Lamp 1li

Boxes: [Fancy Decor] Thorne Boxes 2li


*all the above items were kindly provided by Creators for Blogging/Review purposes


Supporting Cast

Build: [Hive] Simple Skybox 17li

Glass Jars: [dust bunny] laundry room clutter containers 1li @Uber

Towels: [dust bunny] laundry room clutter . cloth stack 1li @Uber

Laundry basket outside window: [dust bunny] laundry room clutter . laundry cart . filled 1li @Uber

Rug: [MudHoney] Talia Rug 2li

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