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Forgotten Hideaway

I tried my hand at making something semi abandoned and forgotten, not just by most people but also even by the sun. The vegetation has grown around it that even the sun struggles to get through and all you get is dappled sunlight. I wanted it to also feel like it had been decorated inside as a mini getaway for one person who didn’t forget. I tucked the lovely fireplace in there with the logs ready to be set alight and the fireplace is so roomy with this gorgeous wood area that I couldn’t resist putting things on it. The candles came in the most elegant of candle sticks, so tall and pretty that I knew that was where they were meant to go. I did have to squeeze them in there a little but I’m still in love. The signs were an added afterthought, mainly because I love the writing on the smaller one. It always evokes breezy orgotten areas in my mind. I physically take a deep breath of air in when I read it because it makes me feel all outdoorzy. The bicycle felt like a nice touch, it may or may not have been ridden to get here, what do you think? I certainly like to think so. I feel like aside from the overgrown bench that inside the other side of the fireplace there might be a nice soft seating area. Probably a rustic run down sofa or maybe a pile of soft blankets and some stools, we may never know. It’s a mystery ooooo~!

I actually took two shots of this one and I couldn’t decide which one I liked the most. I liked each one for different reasons so I had to ask ma family. The one currently uploaded as the featured image and the one also displayed on my flickr is the one that won. The feel of the image and what I wanted it to portray was important but naturally in doing that some items are not too visible, so for that reason I brought the candles and the fireplace out to take closer images of them. Since those are the only things not replicated more than once and are snuggled cosily within the forgotten greenhouse.




Overgrown greenhouse: [Lagom] – Overgrown (Greenhouse) 70Li {@Mainstore}

Fireplace within: [Lagom] Amber Fireplace 7Li {@Mainstore}

Pumpkin cage on top of the fireplace: [Fancy Decor] 01 Fancy Decor: Enchanted Pumpkin Candles RARE 1Li {@The Arcade}

Small pumpkin on top of fireplace: [Fancy Decor] 05 Fancy Decor: Enchanted Pumpkin – blue A 1Li {@The Arcade}

Meduim pumpkin on top of fireplace: [Fancy Decor] 06 Fancy Decor: Enchanted Pumpkin – champagne A 1Li {@The Arcade}

Overgrown bench: [Lagom] Overgrown (Bench) 14Li {@Mainstore}

Bicycle: [what next] Autumn Bicycle Decor 6Li {@Mainstore}

Plant pots: [Lagom] Overgrown (Pots) 2Li {@Mainstore}

Candles Stands on fireplace: [Refuge] Autumn Bar Cart Candlesticks 2Li group {@The Arcade} *mainstore currently under remodelling

Dream Sheep: [anc] dreaming / sheepir (day) B 2Li {@The Arcade}


Pumpkins in foreground…

Studded silver pumpkin: [Fancy Decor] 03 Fancy Decor: Enchanted Pumpkin – blue encrusted 1Li {@The Arcade}

Studded white pumpkin: [Fancy Decor] 02 Fancy Decor: Enchanted Pumpkin – white encrusted 1Li {@The Arcade}

Studded black pumpkin: [Fancy Decor] 04 Fancy Decor: Enchanted Pumpkin – black encrusted 1Li {@The Arcade}

Shiny gold pumpkin: [Fancy Decor] 13 Fancy Decor: Enchanted Pumpkin – gold C 1Li {@The Arcade}


Speed limit sign: [Keke] speed sign 1Li {@Mainstore}

Small sign on greenhouse: [Keke] soft as the wind is wild . aged 1Li {@Mainstore}


*all above listed items have been kindly provided for blogging/review purposes.


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