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Floral magic

floral magic jpeg webYou guessed it, there’s a floral theme to my current title choices. Great isn’t it? I think I’m just influenced by everyone’s floral themed creations. Today, it’s Ionic and the gacha set available at Equal10 called Mistica.

I find that’s it’s magical feel is rather uplifting at the moment. I particularly love the white side table with the glass shelf underneath. I think it is the pretty floral pattern on the side of the wood that has me.

More than likely, I would say.

My next favourate is that beautiful cabinet with all the vines coming out of it. Has there ever been a better combo than plants and furniture?! No, no there has not. floral magic close 1In more news, I finally acquired bacon! I swear it’s like a real life animal crossing having to go back to the store each time and hope that perhaps today they will have what you want. Now that I have had the bacon, my craving is sorted. I’m over it now. Next on my wish list is a nice salad. Salad, the surprising luxury food item now, is still beyond my grasp.

At the same time, much as I love you salad…I’m not risking frivolous visits to supermarkets just to try and find you. Even frozen veg got taken away quickly and we are now out of frozen veg. I just have to hope the next random trip a week from now will produce the illusive salad meal I want. If not that then surely some frozen veg.

When the shopping goes back to normal I’m going to pig out simultaneously on salads and takeaways. I know that makes no sense but at the same time? It totally does.floral magic close 2On another bright note, I have been joining Joe Wicks for the morning exercises at nine. I can honestly say, I ache. It’s a good ache though. I can barely stand or sit without groaning like it’s my last day on earth. My poor leg muscles. People do this for fun?! Can’t fault it though because I giggle, whine and laugh through the things. My favourate to date is exploding like a pikachu and going ‘pikachu!’. You will be surprised to find that it is actually a whole lot of fun. Not at all as mad as you are thinking it is right now.

Before you have me committed lets distract you with the credits~!

floral magic close 3


The following items are from Ionic’s Mistica gacha set available at Equal10 and will be available at the Mainstore after the event.

♡  Center cabinet (comes with all items on it except the cake & pendelum frame): [Ionic] Mistica – RARE 14li

Pendelum frame: [Ionic] Mi pendulums 2li

Mini cake and candles: [Ionic] Mini Bday cake 3li

Floral decor (hanging off draw knob): [Ionic] Delicate flower (Wire wall decor) 2li

Hanging artwork (trio): [Ionic] Expressionism (Geometric wall decor) 2li

Hanging artwork (duo): [Ionic] Munch (Geometric wall decor) 2li

Succulent in pink saucer (on ground): [Ionic] Suculenta 3li

White floral sidetable: [Ionic] Romantic side table 2li

Recipe book and bowls: [Ionic] Sweet Recipes 5li

Crescent candle holder: [Ionic] Moon & fire 2li

Plant (next to the above): [Ionic] Ethereal plant (a) 2li


The following items are mainstore items…

Potted Cheese plant in foreground (by sofa): {what next} Swiss Cheese Plant (stand) 3li

Vase humidifier (on ground): [Mithral] Vase Humidifier (Tangerine) 2li

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 


Supporting Cast

Build: [hive] simple skybox 17li

Bamboo divider: [Merak] – Bamboo Divider 6li

Wicker chair: [Apple Fall] Lily Wicker Chair – Vines (PG) 5li

Wicker sofa: [Apple Fall] Lily Wicker Sofa – Vines (PG) 7li

Pears: [West Village] Pears in Vintage Trug 1li

Hanging cheese plant: [Dust Bunny] hanging plants . cheese plant 4li

Potted Cheese plant: [Dust Bunny] potted cheese plant 3li

Palm plant (cut off on the side): [Apple Fall] Aspidistra in Wicker Planter 5li

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