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Festivals past

Festivals Past

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Today’s home and decor image is from Ionic’s Moon Festival set a long with some items from the Apocathery gacha. The scene is taken inside a cupboard where all the memories have been shut away but the magic still thrives. Visible, tangable memories of fun, dancing and magical days.

I have previously blogged some items from this set but here I have featured on those items only.



Ionic’s Gacha set at Equal10 – Moon Festival gacha.

When the event is over you will be able to locate this set in the mainstore. Where the item is from the Apothecary gacha it will be denoted with an asterisk.



Cookies: [Ionic] Moon phase cookies 3li

Bottles: [Ionic] Apothecary Medicinal Herbs 3li *


Further inside from left (side with blankets) to right…

Knife (top shelf): [Ionic] Moon ritual Knife (Black) Decor 1li

Jar of light: [Ionic] Magical small things 3li

Hanging stars (bronze): [Ionic] Falling Stars (Coral) 1li

Harp: [Ionic] Harp 2li

Bow and arrow: [Ionic] Arrow & Bow 2li

Xylophone: [Ionic] Xilofone 2li

Stack of wands: [Ionic] Magic Wands Display 3li *

Box of paints and pictures: [Ionic] Mystic paintings 5li

Butterflies: [Ionic] Mariposas (Decor) 7li

Lantern (on ground): [Ionic] Mushroom lamp [blue] 5li

Scales: [Ionic] Alchemist Scale 3li *

Ouija Board: [Ionic] Ouija Board Display 3li

Crystal pendulum: [Ionic] Pendule 1li

Hanging Stars (silver): [Ionic] Falling Stars (Silver) 1li

Steps: [Ionic] Ancient Stairs 11li

Mouse: [Ionic] IT Mouse – RARE 4li (Trick or Treat! gacha)

Floating spheres: [Ionic]  Floating spheres 9li


*all above listed items have been provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

**The following below have also previously been provided by creators for blogging /review purposes and have previously appeared. 

Blanket with lights: [+Half-Deer+] Blanket Clutter – All Colors – Edge Small 1li

Blanket soft folded: [Dahlia] Denmark – Blanket – Beige 1li



Supporting Cast

Table: [llorisen] rosette end table.black 1li

Stack of books: [Nutmeg] Pile of Vinage books Group Gift 3li


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