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This October please don’t forget to feed your little Ghouls and Demons before you lock them back up after the month is through. They get hungry and need love too. The last human you left them with would have been nibbled down to bone. If you don’t feed them, they may come out and gobble you up. So feed them please.

Remember, pet demons are not just for Halloween.

On a non-virtual update, it’s so strange how paranoid you get now when you feel even a little bit ill. I felt so ill since my last picture that I almost managed to panic myself into believing I had ‘something else’, except since it didn’t ever get worse than a horrid cold and achy-ness I soon realised I was jumping the gun a little there. So dumb. It didn’t mean I didn’t spend the entire weekend out like a light but it may simply just have been a combination of lots of work and lots of stress. I really do need to cut back on it I tried to put that into motion today and took more breaks. So I do hope you enjoy my silliness translated into picture form.

I can’t lie, I love this dress. It’s completely impractical to wear with nothing underneath but it is hot as heck. I think it’s style added a certain something to the image. I tried to leave all the bits and pieces artfully smudged or somewhat unnoticable. I was a little worried about not putting anything on underneath but it just works best with nothing.


Hair: [Wasabi Pills] Nina Mesh Hair {@Salem}

Horns: [Legion] Dragon Horn {@Sanarae}

Mask: [Lolla Things] 12 [common] LT-Fox Mask (Black/Yellow) {@Sanarae}

Face cuts: [FinerThreads]  FT – Zeus Scar – Dark Rare {@Salem}

Blood Splatter: [1313] Bloody Body Tattoo (from the Tragic Ballet gacha)  {@Salem}

Bat: [SEmotion] Libellune Nightmare Bat #3 UltraRare {@Salem}

Arms: [Cubic Cherry] Delicatessa Arms (unrigged arm cap, fits most mesh bodies) {@Engine Room}

Dress:[Pure Poison] Natalie Dress (HG, Freya, Legacy, L.Perky, Maitreya, M.Petite) {@Uber}

Tail: [Sweet Thing] Lilith Tail (bento) {@Mainstore}

Skeleton: [DRD] 13 – DRD – MM3 – Decomposed Adult – MYSTERY RARE {@Salem}

Build used: [Twilight] Tsukimi (moon viewing) 23li  {@Sanarae}


*all above items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes.

*mesh body used in today’s image is the Legacy perky combined with the genus mesh head and eyes by S0ng


Supporting Cast

Pose: [NyaGore] Melty Babes 02

Eyeliner : [Ives] Sidereum Liner (genus) {group gift}

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