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Today’s post is the last for this month, yes it’s a pop up for multiple reasons. One being that my posting was off this week so you get an extra to make up for it, two because The arcade opens tommorow and you aren’t near excited enough, I can’t hear you at the back. The third reason is that it’s a bank holiday weekend here in the UK and today I have no work at all. This is a wonderfull rest and relaxation day! So I’m getting through today’s post quite early in the day so that I can spend the rest of the day playing some Sims and doing some real life shopping because I’ve put too many things off for too long.

When I went through The Arcade I noticed that there were a few main themes, Farmhouse items and Summer and Icecream items. This got me excited for the posts I want to get out because I love both themes are you kidding me. Icecream and summer beaches, so good. Farmhouse chic? so good too. There were a few items that didn’t focus on Summer and Farmhouse items, sure. These were just the most prevelant themes I noted. Maybe because I’m biased. This in mind here’s a post focusing on…you guessed it, it’s in the title. How did I do?

There are some items featuring baking too which still have a farmhouse feel and I can’t wait because those are amazing too. You just have to go see them okay? Now, before I get carried away chatting your ear off, I’m going to say let’s go to the credits. If I don’t do that, I will be here paragraphs later and I’m sure you don’t want that. You’ve also got a bank holiday to get to, assuming you’re in the UK too? If not, I wonder if we are still bank holiday twinsies.


Items from What Next available at Mainstore

Curtains: [What Next] Chloe Sheer Curtains 2Li
Chair 1: [What Next] Bailey Lounge Chair 4Li
Chair 2: [What Next] Bailey Lounge Chair (w/pillow) 6Li
Potted flowers: [What Next] Springtime Tulip Planter (multi) 4Li
Harvest sign: [What Next] Harvest Wall Decor 1Li
♡ Glass on center table: [What Next] Wine Glass Decor 1Li

Items from The Arcade open on June 1st 2021

Cat on sofa: [Mutresse] Dobby Cats – 13 5Li *
Yummy tray of fruits: [Thor] Fruit Crate – RARE 7Li
Boards on shelf: [Thor] Stacked Boards 3Li
Bowls: [Thor] Stacked Bowls A and B
Ceramic jug (near door): [Thor] Ceramic Pitcher Cream 2Li

Shoes: [22769] Comfi Sneaker – common 1Li
Lantern: [22769] Lantern – common 1Li
Pouf: [22769] Neutral Pouf – common 1li
Banana tree plant outside: [22769] Banana Tree – common 4Li
Potted plant on top of short cupboard: [22769] Calathea Plant – common 1Li
Rug: [22769] Neutral Rug – common 1Li

Jug of utensils: [Broken Arrows] Farm Kitchen – Utensils (Yellow) 1Li
2nd jug near gold leaf decor: [Broken Arrows] Farm Kitchen – Utensils II (White) 1Li
Cutting boards (next to jug listed above): [Broken Arrows] Farm Kitchen – Cutting Boards II 2Li

Items from KraftWork mainstore (from Saturday Sale. Items come as a fatpack)

Bottle on table: [KraftWork] Bar Clutter . Liquor Bottles Set . Cachaca 1Li
Bottles on the ground listed below…
KraftWork Bar Clutter . Liquor Bottles Set . Vodka 1Li
KraftWork Bar Clutter . Liquor Bottles Set . Gin 1Li
KraftWork Bar Clutter . Liquor Bottles Set . Mezcal 1Li
KraftWork Bar Clutter . Liquor Bottles Set . Bourbon 1Li

Extra items from Myrrine available at mainstore

Table: [Myrrine] 05 Apollinen Gacha – table white 1Li
Medium tall Cabinet near wall: [Myrrine] 01 Apollinen Gacha – cabinet tall white 4Li
Matching short cabinet near door: [Myrrine] 08 Apollinen Gacha  – cabinet white 3Li
Gold leaf wall decor: [Myrrine]  03 Apollinen Gacha – wall decor 4Li (bigger than pictured)

*All above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging / review purposes. Purchased items have been marked with an ‘*’ in the list above.

Supporting Cast

Build used: [Scarlet Creative] St Paul 2021 86Li
Tall cupboard: [-Nomi-] Vintage Cupboard-White 3Li
Hanging basket: [Dust Bunny] tiered hanging baskets . brown 4Li
Folding Blankets: [Dahlia] Denmark – Blanket – Beige 1Li
Basket of blankets: [Con & Dust Bunny] Gracie Living Room – Blanket Basket 2Li

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