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Falling light

Falling light

I like this image because it feels like it’s ready and waiting for people, the invitation is there and you know it’s going to entice anyone. However, I am not yet ready  for people to fill it.

It’s still in that moment before infiltration when everything is clean and pretty and inviting. That moment when you feel pride at the inviting atmosphere you’ve created.

That precious moment you always wish you could rewind to with little effort after the barbecue party is all over and done with and you’re left with clean up duty when all you want to do is sleep. A full belly takes it out of you.

Today’s home and garden post is thanks to Fancy Decor’s Hampton set available at Uber with the complimenting Baker fence kit out at Fameshed. The lovely chandelier comes from Madras and is available from the mainstore.

Here come the credits…




Fancy Decor’s Hampton Set @UBER


Twin seat chair: [Fancy Decor] Hampton Patio Sofa 4li

Single seat chair: [Fancy Decor] Hampton Patio Chair 3li

Fireplace: [Fancy Decor] Hampton Fire Pit 1li

Carpet: [Fancy Decor] Hampton Rug 1li

Side table: [Fancy Decor] Hampton Side Table 1li

Candle table light: [Fancy Decor] Hampton Candle 3li

Pillow large stripes: [Fancy Decor] Hampton Pillow A 1li

Pillow thin stripes: [Fancy Decor] Hampton Pillow B 1li

Planters (by the walls): [Fancy Decor]  Hampton Planter 4li each

Pergola: [Fancy Decor]  Hampton Pergola 3li

Patio lights (draped along the side of the pergola): [Fancy Decor] Hampton Patio Lights – 1li per string of 3 bulb lights.

Floor tiles: [Fancy Decor] Concrete Block 1li


Fencing: [Fancy Decor] Baker Fence Kit @FAMESHED


  • Fancy Decor: Baker Fence Panel 1li each
  • Fancy Decor: Baker Post (middle) 1li each
  • Fancy Decor: Baker Post (corner) 1li each
  • Fancy Decor: Baker Sconce 1li each
  • Fancy Decor: Baker Bench 2li


Chandelier: [Madras] ARMADA Chandelier Iron 5Li @MAINSTORE

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