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Drop by the cafe

Drop by the cafe

This scene has long since disappeared from my land. It’s been hidden in my flickr since the 4th of April to be precise. I am only now making it live. I couldn’t tell you why. I was busy previously, working and all that good stuff. However, I had the Easter bank holiday and I didn’t want to really do anything at all if I could help it. I couldn’t even tell you much of what I did on the weekend because it felt rather like a blur. It was not helped by going to bed late. That way you sleep half the day away.

I’m back to work again and I’m waiting for my discipline to kick back in or something. I feel like such a lazy. Part of this renewed aim for discipline means bringing out all the pictures in hiding. Starting with this one.

I was so uncertain about this one at the time, I have not really shaken that uncertainty. I ended up taking the scene 3 times before settling on the images that made it into this post. I kept kicking myself because I felt like I wasn’t portraying the scene to it’s best advantage. I tried all manner of windlights, I tried different angles too. I even slowed down my pc with the amount of .bmp snapshots I took. The gacha set itself is so amazing, ridiculously good. Everything is of so much quality that it probably intimidated me. Yes, the set is actually that good but then what do you expect, it’s Fancy Decor.

Each shot said I hadn’t quite captured the awesomeness, the next said I was far too amateur to find the ‘ompff’ point.cafe web jpeg 2I took a break and I tried being a little less hard on myself, I then found that my favourate shot was this one. The one where the camera seemed to be peeking through the plant leaves. I couldn’t however leave the rest of the scene un-photographed. I had spent so much time setting everything up, making a background and laying everything out just right to NOT take a photo of everything. This is why we’ve ended up with three different shots. In total I took 12 images. Only these last three in this windlight survived the cull.

What’s the lesson/point of the story you say? I think it’s really easy to overthink and get in your head about things, try not to beat yourself up too much. It’s okay to try and not make it than to be too embarrassed or worried to try at all. Also…less is more.

Personally, I believe I just need someone on the ready to give me a kick up my butt when I’m floundering.



The following listed items that make up the bulk of todays post is by Fancy Decor & Commoner and part of the Cafe Voreaux gacha set at the Mainstore.

Build: 01 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Building RARE 41li

Counter: 02 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Counter RARE 7li

Long wood table: 11 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Bar Table 4li

Hi chairs -Black: 08 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Stool (black) 2li each

Small tables – wood: 14 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Tray Table (natural) 1li each

Small tables – white: 13 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Tray Table (white) 1li each

White medium tables: 09 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Table (4-up) 2li

Black booth seats: 15 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Booth 2li  each

Seatswhite: 05 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Chair (white) 2li each

SeatsBlack: 06 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Chair (black) 2li each

High chairs by counter side: 12 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Bar Stool 1li each

Booth seat with frame: 16 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Booth (framed) 4li

Sandwiches: 23 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Sandwich 2li each

Fruit pots: 25 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Fruit Cup 1li each

Coffee bags: 22 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Bag of Coffee Beans 1li each

Expression machine: 03 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Espresso Machine RARE 5li

Syrup bottles: 17 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Syrup Pumps 3li

Menu sign board: 04 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Menu 2li

Wall Lamp: 19 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Sconce 1li

Hanging light: 18 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Pendant Lamp 7li each

Cup of coffee: 24 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Latte Art Kitty 1li

Coffee grinder: 20 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Coffee Grinder 1li

Blender: 21 FD & Commoner – Cafe Voreaux Blender 3li

cafe web jpeg 3

Extra items that are available at individual Mainstores but not part of the above gacha…

Rug: [Fancy Decor] Hampton Rug 1li {@Mainstore}

Fence set: [Fancy Decor] Smith Fence {@Mainstore}

Potted cheese plant Stand: {what next} Swiss Cheese Plant (stand) 3li {@mainstore}

Potted trailing plant in white pot: {what next} Pothos Plant (trailing) 2li each {@mainstore}

Roses in a jar: [ keke ] my funny valentine . 1 . white 1li {@Mainstore}

Blinds: [ keke ] zen clickable roller curtain . fog 2li each {@Mainstore}

Pictures on wall: {what next} Picture Gallery Frames (Classic) 1li (all linked) {@mainstore}

*all above listed items have been kindly provided by creators for blogging/review purposes. 


Supporting Cast

Cheese plant potted (ground): dust bunny . potted cheese plant 6li

Hanging vine: hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . white 4li

Book pile: nani – my afternoon – book pile [rez] 3li *gacha item


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